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It’s been quite some time we have not covered any torrent related update and today I got an awesome Torrent software to share with you. Today, we will look into “TorrentRover”, which can search torrents and monitor them from desktop. More like RSS subscription for torrents, which will constantly update and find new torrent based on your keyword. Sounds good? Now, lets read on and learn more about this awesome desktop torrent search client.

I usually use Torrents to download and watch my favorite TV shows. But every week I have to  go and check the site manually and it’s a time-consuming process. Having a desktop based solution could be awesome, but obviously I need something better than a normal Torrent search client, as I want to make sure I’m downloading genuine and verified torrents. Torrent Rover, which is currently in beta and I believe it might become a paid or subscription based torrent client.


What is TorrentRover?

TorrentRover is a desktop based torrent search client. Instead of doing one time search, it keeps your searched torrent keyword in database and alerts you as soon as any qualified torrent pops in. In short, if you like watching Big bang theory, and you want to get notification for every new episode/torrent upload, this search Torrent software is for you.

Now don’t confuse this with a torrent downloader, this just searches for torrent and keeps them in database and keeps searching for updated torrents. When you find a torrent, you can simply click on download torrent and it will download torrent file and directly open it using your default torrent downloader. You can add multiple searches and it will keep searching them after regular interval. Infact, Looking at this client interface, editor @Droidsid thought it’s like Limewire (R.I.P Limewire), where you search for your favorite file and download them with one click. It’s almost same here but with little twist, which we will learn after the break. Also, rating system will help you to pick the best of torrent.

It searches torrent from many popular Torrent search engines like: ThePirateBay.org, IsoHunt.com, BTjunkie.org.

How to Search torrent from desktop?

Like any other torrent client, using TorrentRover is a 1-2-3 guide. All you need to do is, search for the torrent that you want to download and track (Top right) and it will do a quick search and will keep searching for new torrents after certain time interval.

search torrents

Now, once you have results in front of you, starting sorting out the result based on uploaded time, seeds, size and many more. This way, you can download best of the torrent.

So, once you have decided the torrent, don’t forget to click on “View torrent details” by right clicking on it and check the comments and user reviews. This will make sure you are downloading verified torrents.

View Torrent details

So once you are sure about the torrent health status, click on download torrent and it will download .torrent file and open it using your default client.

You can also automate torrent schedule downloading for your favorite TV shows like a Torrent DVR like TED.

TorrentRover is still in beta phase and there is already a box for subscription,which clearly indicates it’s going to be a paid subscription or something in similar model. But, for now it’s completely free and you can download Torrent rover from below link.

Download TorrentRover

I liked this idea of searching torrent from desktop and also set custom filter for torrent searches and schedule them. Some of the feature of TorrentRover, might need a walk through and if there is any feature you are stuck at, do let me know via comment and I will update the post with the solution. For now, do let us know about any other desktop torrent search client?

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