Top 5 Christmas iPhone Applications: Say Hello to Santa

Top 5 Christmas iPhone Applications: Say Hello to Santa

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The Holiday season is upon us and Christmas is just days away, while people get busy preparing for the feasts and the Christmas day celebrations. To ease of the tension iPhone and iPod Touch users can find some fun and entertainment from their iPhones/iPods by checking out the following apps. These apps would certainly make the Christmas celebrations more fun, specially if you’re one of those types who can’t get away from their gadgets.

iPhone Apps for Christmas

All of these apps are available on the Apple store. These apps can be used by kids, teens and adults alike, and that’s what gets them on the top 5.

Dr. Suess Camera – Grinch Edition ($0.99)

This is a fun app for people of all ages. You can use the Grinch interface of this camera app to take pictures of your family  and friends disguised in 20 different Christmas Grinch cards. The different card designs can also be customized to your liking. You can then e-mail these photos to your friends/relatives or just save them for memories.

Better Christmas List ($1.99)

This is an app to help you out with the management of the gifts, and what gifts are to be gifted to whom in the form of a to-do list, but with a really cool Christmas themed interface. This app will also let you manage your budget and help you with shopping. It reminds you of the gifts that you’ve decided on giving an individual promptly. Keep all your close ones happy this Christmas.

Christmas RADIO ( Free )

One of the favorite Radio players used during the Christmas festive season, and it’s free! You get over 25 radio stations to browse through and listen to Christmas themed songs and you get more ( about 40) stations during Christmas. You even get a station all the way from the North Pole. Can also be used on the iPad. Happy listening to some Christmas tunes.

Hey Santa ( $0.99)

Hey Santa App

There are many people out there who’re really confused about what gifts should they buy for their family and friends. This Hey Santa app is just the thing for all those people out there. If you can’t decide what to gift some person, just ask Santa. This app gives you over 2000 ideas for gifts, and allows the user to select the person whom they want to gift something, decide on a budget and even asks about the person’s interests. Try out this amazing app right away and buy some gifts.

Uggles – Festive Edition ($0.99)

Uggles - Festive Edition

Finally, a fun and somewhat addictive game to add to this top 5 list. Uggles- Festive Edition, which is based on the famous Uggles – Collect them all, is similar to the original game in some ways. The Festive Edition comes with newer Christmas themed Uggles to unlock and collect, Christmas songs playing in the background, a special Santa Uggle. If you aren’t able to finish the game or aren’t able to unlock the Santa Uggle, it will be automatically unlocked on the 24th.

Merry Christmas to all, I hope you enjoy and all these apps come to your use. There are many other apps out there too, but I found these the most useful and entertaining.

If you know any other Christmas iPhone applications, do let us know..

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