Top 3 Ninja-themed iPhone Games

For those of you who love Japanese culture and more specifically Ninja’s! Then I am sure that you have seen, watched, or read many things about Ninja’s in your lifetime. Ninjas have a dangerous and lethal mystic feel to them, while most of the lethal action being delivered in video games.  So for the Ninja fanboys out there, I made a list of the Top 3 iPhone Ninja Games.

Fruit Ninja:

This is a unique game where you will are slicing fruit that is being thrown into the air. The game starts out pretty slow but as you rack up more points the fruit will come flying at you more quickly and from different directions. The game ends when three uncut fruit drops from the screen, so sharpen your blade and make sure that you slice them all!  Great for Casual Game play. Currently you can buy this game for $.99 in the iTunes Appstore. <Link>

Ninjump Deluxe:

Ninjump was a free game that quickly became a huge hit in the Appstore for it’s exciting and addicting game play. Banking on it’s popularity, the Developers made a vamped up paid version. The concept is the same but they added 2 exciting new levels, a jungle and pirate ship. You are treated with more nonstop Ninja action with more things to dodge and slice such as big branches and plants, monkeys, cannons and a Kraken!  If you liked the free version then you will LOVE the upgrade. It’s only $.99 in the iTunes Appstore. <Link>

Ninja Bounce:

In this side-scrolling action game, you are Ninja trying to jump to safety by avoiding an oncoming fire. You will need to hone your reflexes and perfectly time your by jumps by hitting on the corresponding button. Perfect timing will make you jump further while also allowing you to collect a slew of coins along the way. This game becomes challenging as you try to master the timing  while also adjusting to the unpredictable combination’s with different speeds. It features beautiful Asian-style backgrounds and music that would make any Ninja proud. Fun yet challenging and great for casual gaming. This is also available for only $.99 in the iTunes Appstore. <Link>

Do let us know more Ninja Themes iPhone games and which one is your favorite iPhone game among above three?

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