Effective Tools to Backup and Sync Open Tabs of Your Browser

Heavy internet users tend to open and work on multiple browser tabs simultaneously, so there is a need that some effective tab management techniques should be implied. My today’s post is about browser extensions that will help you to not only secure your opened tabs in case of a crash but also helps them to synchronize their opened tabs among various devices and workplaces. Here is a brief look on them:

Save My Tabs

(Firefox & Google Chrome Version)


It is a mini-addon that works entirely in the background and saves all of your active tabs by default. Save My Tabs addon periodically creates a new text file that houses all the info about opened tabs at any instance. Information about each tab is organized in a text file as one line per tab. You can download Save my Tabs extension for Firefox and Google Chrome version for free.


(Google Chrome Version)


This is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows users to either save a tab or save an entire window with multiple tabs open. The tab or window that you will save will be saved with a particular name. Sesh working procedure is the same as you will find on Too Many Tabs for Firefox addon, whenever you close a window or a tab Sesh closes it automatically and also saves it. So next time when you open that saved tab session, Sesh will retrieve it and open it. Sesh also have the feature of synchronizing your opened tabs among various machines so that you can continue with your work anywhere.

Have any idea about useful Addons to save open windows and browser tabs? Share with us in comments.

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