Three Ways to Sell Used Blackberry Offline

Three Ways to Sell Used Blackberry Offline

Being a gadget freak, I don’t expect any gadget lovers to hold the same gadget for long. Specially, when new gadgets are coming every other day, it’s always a good idea to sell your current gadget like (Tablets, phones, computer parts) and buy the latest one.If you need to sell your BlackBerry to earn enough cash to get a fresh and new-fangled gadget or a new BB model, you might just be looking at a very good way of getting decent cash.

There are many online ways like you can list your BB for sale on sites like eBay and sale it a handsome price, but if you are one of those who like to do the transaction right infront (Give and take), these tips will help you to sell used blackberry at decent price. Essentially, there are quite a lot of ways you can dispose of your used BlackBerry in exchange for cash. For one, you can sell blackberry to your family members, neighbors and friends. But obviously, these people might request that you reduce the price since you are too acquainted with them. For this reason alone, you cannot earn a significant amount of money for a novel techie device that you might want to use the money for.  Moreover, if you and that family member don’t agree on something regarding the transaction, it might just be a cause for misunderstanding and conflict.  So the question is, do you really want to be at odds with a relative just because of a BlackBerry?

Sell Blackberry

Hence, if you’re having some worries about picking an approach on how you can sell your BlackBerry, here are several offline methods to do it.  This should be good for people who aren’t really that comfortable with transacting over the Internet.  If you don’t want to sell BlackBerry online, then try one of these options:

 3 Easy ways to sell used BlackBerry Phones:

Garage sales

This is a questionable place to sell your BlackBerry, your computer, or any other high-tech devices. But then again this might still be worth the effort, as you can never tell if you have a neighbor that’s also into nerd techie stuff. If they aren’t, they can confidently point you to someone who might just be interested in buying your gadget for sale.  Moreover, the mindset of people buying stuff in a garage sale is buying stuff for really low costs.  So, if you are ready to sell used blackberry for cheap, then by all means, consider including it as one of your items for your next garage sale.

Posters and Flyers

Similarly, you don’t necessarily have to print ads in newspapers. You can promote it in your local electronics store. Typically, the proprietors are thoughtful enough to place fliers in their shops when someone sells something.  Of course, the problem here is you might have to compete for the attention of the people looking at these posters and fliers.  Chances are, there are lots of them, and unless your poster is really that attention-grabbing, it might just get lost with the others.

Classified Ads

Although it may seem old-fashioned to you, it’s still a good way to make your product known. It’s also the speediest approach to sell stuff as ads are typically printed instantaneously. Print it in your local newspaper so it will be a lot easier to meet up with the buyer. They will be able to check out your device and inspect it themselves, allowing them to avoid scams.  Of course, it can be a hassle to sell used BlackBerry this way because you would need to meet the buyer, drive yourself to the meeting place, match schedules, and other things that should ensure a smooth transaction.

Well, these are some of the offline methods which I can think of right now, but if you have a good experience of selling Blackberry without any online help like eBay, Amazon or any such other method, do let us know.

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