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Threadsy: Access All Emails And Social Networks At One Place

Threadsy: Access All Emails And Social Networks At One Place

Most of us do first thing in morning is to check our emails and social networking accounts like Twitter and Facebook . But opening different tabs and login to all the accounts can be time consuming, but there is a tool which will help you to accesses your accounts with just one login and you can check all your emails and even updates from social networking websites.

Threadsy is tools which help you to put all your messages from different accounts to one place so no need to open lots of tabs. Using Threadsy is very simple and user interface is good to navigate quickly. I like the quick way to sign up, we don’t require authorizing account. After signing up you need to add all your accounts like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol, MySpace and many more.

It provides you all the streams going on with Facebook and Twitter as well as inbox of all your Gmail all at one place. You can check stream of Twitter or Facebook or any individual person profile and their updates. I like the easy way to navigate from one tab to another. Check out the image below.



Apart from updating messages you can also catch your buddies via chat on Threadsy. Threadsy supports Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, and others through integration with Meebo. Overall the application is very good if you want to access all your information and chat from one platform or if you can’t access Tweetdeck or other messengers from anyother computer, you can use Threadsy.

Here is the video to provide you the details about how Threadsy work:

Try it out and do share with us that you like to check all your accounts at one place or prefer to use different tools for different accounts?

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