The Future of Smartphones and Computers: Microsoft’s Vision

The Future of Smartphones and Computers: Microsoft’s Vision

When it comes to imagining what the future is like, film directors and visionaries are to be looked up on. They hardly get it right, but it still is amazing to believe for a moment, how the future would be. One thing we know about the future; human beings are going to turn in to the most laziest creatures in the world. More than half of all the people in the world are most of the time in front of their mobile devices, notebooks, desktops or television sets. We are going to be doomed. With better and easier to use products, people grow lazier. And that’s what Microsoft wants us to be.

Microsoft posted a new video on how they want the future of smartphones and computers to look like and how it would help increase productivity. The video is quite interesting and a little stupid at times. It starts off with a lady leaving an Airport where she uses a special set of spectacles to translate speech to English. It’s not shown how it happens, as there is no earphones connected to the device, but yes it translates. After that there’s just a lot of touch screen devices that aren’t anything like what we have today, and is most likely running on Windows Phone 2000 or something.

This concept video was produced and directed by the Microsoft Office team, not the creative technology designers or some other wacky team who’re all fat and want to have everything at their fingertips. A little shocking that the Office team has come up with such a concept, but anyways, here, have a look and decide for yourself.

So what do you have to say? We really did like the phones shown in the video, but it looks super complicated rather than easy.

Learn more: Microsoft Vision.

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