Finally Vodafone Released 3G Plans in India

Yesterday Vodafone has officially launched its Vodafone 3G plans in India and most of these plans has been found similar to leaked details last month. Literally Vodafone’s 3G plans are not so exciting and I think Vodafone is unable to provide affordable 3G service in India. There has been launched no unlimited plan and its heavy usage plans are far more expensive than BSNL and DOCOMO the popular Indian 3G [...]

Activate DND to Block Unwanted Calls on Indian Networks

Popular cellular network like Airtel and Vodafone send lots of promotional SMS to keep you updated but such promotional messages starts annoying when you receive them in bulk. A lot of people are irritated with unwanted calls and SMS from their Indian networks. This article tells you how to activate DND. The consumer has the right to register for DND(Do Not Disturb) service at will. The process for most popular [...]

Best Five 3G Phones in India

3G technology has become a buzz in Indian communication and 3G stands for 3rd generation, a technology used for advanced communication. It gives real time streaming & high speed internet access anywhere. Thus, 3G technology helps in providing a better communication platform to people and to enhance information technology services. These days most of the mobiles comes with 3G technology to give you benefits like high speed internet, accuracy, improvement [...]