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Bubbly app voice

Voice blogging has been around a long time, but celebrities using such services in India is something new. Bubble motion which is famous for voice blogging service, launched a social voice iPhone app call Bubble motion.  Bubbly for iPhone brings all the great features of [...]

Social networking services have undoubtedly change the way we use internet these days, social networking hubs like Facebook or Twitter have become sort of addictions. Almost every person no matter which age group he/she belongs to prefer staying in touch with their family or friends [...]

A lot of big companies and other businesses alike, are turning to Social media advertising, mainly through Facebook pages. Even Movie Studios are letting people watch movies on Facebook on the basis of rent. Today, the stupidly hilarious live-action series called Jackass has officially begun [...]

So iTunes 10 just rolled out. If you have already grabbed it you must be having a tough time resisting the new features made available to you. This definitive guide will get you started with iTunes Ping in less than five minutes. It's really easy [...]