iPhone 5 Expectations : What are you Expecting?

When Apple launched iPhone 4S, we expected it to go big and with recent report, Apple has sold 37.04 Million iPhone in last quarter and it's leading as one of highest smartphone sales. And we are expecting that Apple will even sell more when the next-generation iPhone is finally launched. Like with every highly anticipated Apple device which is yet to be launched, there are a lot of rumors flying around [...]

Apple iPad 2 Possible Display Leak

Earlier today, 9to5 Mac reported that they were able to catch hold of a new iPad display, which they claim to be the one for the iPad 2. Right now this is not confirmed, but according to the leak, the display has a new part number. The old iPad display's part number is LP097X02-SLA3 and the new one that could be the one used in iPad 2 has LP097X02-SLN1 as [...]