Reliance iPad 3G Price

Some time back BSNL launched iPad 3G plan along with Micro-sim which is so far one of the best available 3G plan for iPad users in India. Joining the league, Reliance also come up with dedicated 3G plans for iPad users.

Though iPad 3g plan from reliance is not the cheapest and I won’t even put it in affordable list, since we have two major player with unlimited 3G plans in India. So far, BSNL is the first telecom company in India to come up with dedicated 3G plans for iPad users. MTNL on the other hand doesn’t have any dedicated 3G plans but I found 6 months unlimited 3G plans from MTNL to be one of the best and cheapest 3G plan for Indian market.

Reliance doesn’t offer any unlimited 3G data plan and their maximum pack offers 10Gb data plan for INR 1100 which is valid for only 30 days.

Here is a image of reliance iPad 3G plan with courtesy of telecomtalk.

Reliance iPad 3G Price

Though reliance with get an advantage with this 3G plans as they have good coverage in rural area of India. Despite of BSNL being one of the popular telecom provider, it’s always marked as bad service provider with bad client servicing.

Anyways, no matter what price will be a big factor and if I would have given a choice for 3G provider in India, I will prefer BSNL or MTNL 3G plans in India.

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Do let us know if above mentioned Reliance iPad 3G Price fascinates you in any ways? Also let us know which 3G network are you using on your 3G mobile phone?

Reliance Launches Cheapest STD Call Rates

Reliance India mobile launches two incredible tariffs for its all India customers. Using these tariffs Indians will be able to enjoy cheapest STD call rates in India. Moreover these Call Rates are available for both GSM and CDMA subscribers.

Talk STD offer

This tariff will work for STD calls and users can call nationwide at Rs.1/3min. Subscribers have to buy a special tariff from any Reliance retailer. This pack will be valid for 30 days and its cost is Rs.23. Literally Reliance GSM and CDMA subscribers can enjoy STD call only 33p/min but the pulse is changed at after every 3mins.

Talk Local offer

Talk Local offer is not so much charming as Talk Std offer and users will get 100 mins free talk time at a cost of Rs.28 so we can say that the call rate is.28p/min. The validity for this tariff is only 2 days.

Now let’s see how it affects other Telecom companies such as Aircel,Vodafone,Docomo etc. Don’t forget to leave your opinion about these cheap tariff plans and we welcome your comparison of these plans with other tariffs.

Reliance Mobile TV for 3G Users

Reliance has just launched free mobile TV for its 3G subscribers. With this amazing offer Reliance 3G mobile users will be able to avail a large number of channels for free. This service will give a super shock to all online TV providers such as Mundu TV as it is offering some 20 free channels with paid monthly subscription.

Reliance provides a mobile application to run TV with which users can watch more than 100 TV channels for free. Moreover 3G users can also demand movies to watch on mobile.

Reliance Mobile TV

How to apply for Free Mobile TV with Reliance 3G

If you are using Reliance 3G then you have to simply send a free SMS. We want to tell you that currently there is no subscription charge and no data charge using this service and you can enjoy it for free till its promotional period i.e it is fully free till 31st January 2011.

Type <MTV> and send it to <55447> to request free reliance mobile TV application download

what will be the charges after free period?

  • News Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Kids Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Fun Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Devotional Channels: 5 Channels,Only Monthly Rs 150
  • Mega Channels:75 Channels,Daily pack Rs.50,Weekly 100,Monthly Rs 250
  • Single Channel: 1 Channels,Daily pack Rs.10,Weekly 35,Monthly Rs 75


3G Plans comparison : Reliance Vs BSNL Vs DOCOMO

Currently BSNL,DOCOMO and Reliance are serving affordable 3G services in India and BSNL is offering most economical 3G plans. Here we have compared 3G plans of these 3 companies based on Price,Speed and free data usage.

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3g plans comparison

BSNL(upto 3.6Mb/s) DOCOMO (upto 3.6Mb/s) RELIANCE (upto 7.2Mb/s)
Rs.100 —- —- 100MB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.199 250MB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.275 500MB(Valid for 30 days) —- —–
Rs. 399 —- —- 500MB(Valid for 30 days)
Rs.440 1GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.500 —- 650 MB (Valid for 30 days) —-
Rs.606 1GB Day+ 5GB Night (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.649 —- —- 1GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.716 2GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.751 —- 2GB(Valid for 30 days) —-
Rs. 899 —- —- 3GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.1001 —- 5GB (Valid for 30 days)+Virtually Unlimited (After 5GB speed upto 128 kb/s and after 15GB speed upto 10 kb/s) —-
Rs.1102 10GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.1250 —- 10GB (Valid for 30 days)+Virtually Unlimited (After 10GB speed upto 128 kb/s and after 20GB speed upto 10 kb/s) —-
Rs.1499 Unlimited at 3.6Mb/s (Valid for 30 days) —- 10GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.2599 —- —- Unlimited at 7.2Mb/s
More Detail on BSNL More Detail on DOCOMO More Detail on Reliance


  • Here we have compared only 3G data plans and not voice and sms plans
  • We have included only economic plans here and exclude some expansive plans
  • Company may change tariff plans any time

Now do Let us know which 3G operator and plan is your favorite and why?