Dual boot

HP TouchPad Can Now Dual-boot WebOS & Android 2.3.5 [Video]

Looks like the abandoned HP TouchPad is going to have a bright future after all. HP decided to stop production of the HP TouchPad and stop development on it's operating system for tablets and mobile phones, the webOS. Soon after, the TouchPad received huge discounts on it's selling price, dipping as low as $99. People took that opportunity to get themselves a feel of the webOS and the TouchPad. Hence, [...]

Bypass Installation method of Windows XP on the Windows 7 installed system

How to Install Windows XP on Windows 7 System? Microsoft has shut down Windows XP and all the big computer manufacturer stopped their support (Drivers and online-offline) for Windows XP system. Though if you are like me who still love the old Windows XP over Windows 7,  This guide is for you. Note: This method doesn’t work on intel i3, i5, i7 processor (only .net operating system supported processor family). [...]