How 3G Service is Going to change our life?

Couple of day’s back we announced that Tata docomo is going to launch 3G service in India on Diwali. Till now BSNL is key provider of 3G in India, and Tata Docomo will be the first private network operator to launch 3G service.

At this moment I mostly rely on Wi-Fi connection on my iPhone to get fast Internet connection and my GPRS connection is limited to checking Facebook, Twitter & Email.

Being a professional blogger, Internet is the first thing which I need and for that I always have a Tata photon card but again I always have to carry my laptop to connect to Internet for extensive work. No wonder iPhone is a powerful device and it can be used as full fledge blogging device when you are travelling. But only Dilemma is lack of fast internet connection. I have been thinking about how 3G is going to change my life and here are few thoughts which came across my mind.


3G Life

Video Conferencing with my client:

I have many clients for them I usually do Thesis Theme customization, WordPress SEO, Blog consultancy and various blogging related services. My biggest problem is while handling any running project; I have to stay connected to internet to get in touch with clients and also with my team. With 3G enabled mobile (iPhone), I can get into video conferencing with my team and client and brief them about any current issue and handle it in real time. More over with a prompt response and reply, my business will grow with 2x speed. After all customer service is first thing every one hope for.

TV & movies on Demand:

In this busy life, it’s hard to find time for entertainment. Now in this scenario entertainment for me means TV and movies. The only time when I can think of watching my fav. Episodes and movies is when I’m travelling and despite of carrying a power pack multimedia mobile, it’s impossible to stream videos using current GPRS speed. With 3G speed, I can order my fav serials and movies instantly and watch it while I’m travelling.

My personal blog:

I have 4 professional niche blogs where I share various news and tutorials & along with it I have one personal blog, which I use to post my daily pictures and thoughts. It’s a personal blog and usually I update it when I get leisure time. Now with 3G service enabled mobile phone ( iPhone or Nokia N8), I can quickly update my blog with my latest click. I can do the same with my current GPRS speed but connection is always breaking and while uploading images taken from Nokia N8 12MP camera, it takes ages to upload.

Mobile Technology and Multitasking:

Most of high end mobile phones are capable of multi-tasking and with slow internet speed multi tasking social networking software’s does not make much sense. Imagine when you can seamlessly switch between Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Email and IM on your mobile phone without breaking any of this app connection. More over when 3G is available in every part of the country, I’m expecting to see some useful 3rd party applications which will change the way we use our mobile.

Free Phone Call and SMS:

There are various online tools and software’s which allow you to make free call. Lets take Google voice or iPhone facetime or Yahoo messenger as an example. So if we will have some unlimited 3G plans, It will again help me and others to lower down their call and SMS bills and utilize the power of internet for free voice calls and SMS.

What more?

Potential of 3G is unlimited and practical implementation can go to mobile shopping, mobile banking, mobile booking and for many day to day usage. Being a power mobile user, I’m expecting to see 3G services in my hand soon.

So do share your view on how 3G life is going to change your life and what do you expect more out of 3G?