Symbian Belle Phone Nokia 600 Cancelled

Symbian Belle Phone Nokia 600 Cancelled

3 months ago, Nokia announced the new series in Symbian phones. The series was named Symbian Belle. Three phones were announced in this series: Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. Due to some unknown reasons, Nokia 600 was cancelled. This phone was expected to hit the stores before the end of third quarter of 2011 but we didn’t saw that. People thought that the phone has been delayed but sadly, at least for some people, the phone has been cancelled.

The cancellation of this phone began when Nokia removed all the pages it had dedicated to Nokia 600. The videos of Nokia 600 announcement from Nokia’s official Youtube channel were removed. Nokia didn’t left even a single clue to show that they had ever announced a phone named as Nokia 600.

On 2nd November 2011, Nokia made it official on their Facebook fanpage by posting this as a reply to question on cancellation of this phone:
The thing is, after careful consideration, we have decided not to ship the Nokia 600.
Check the comment thread – Link

Nokia 600 was tagged as ‘the best Nokia phone’ by many people. A lot of people were too much excited for this phone. Nokia 600 received a lot of appreciation. It had quite amazing specifications which made many people a fan of this phone. It was one of the first Symbian Belle with Nokia 700 and 701. Now, there are just two of them.

The rumors are that operators denies to buy enough phones from Nokia and that’s why they scraped off Nokia 600. Well, there is no official post from Nokia informing about the reason of the cancellation. And I don’t think we would get any of it.

The cancellation has definitely disappointed a lot of folks all around the world and this disappointment might take them away from Nokia to other brands. Let’s see whether Nokia can save themselves by the Windows Phones and Asha Phones.

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