StyleUnlock Keeps Your iPhone Very Secure

StyleUnlock Keeps Your iPhone Very Secure

There are many apps available in Cydia that enhance the simple Lockscreen of an iOS device. You can add so many icons and useful shortcuts to the Lockscreen and get the best out of all that free space on the screen. There are also apps that help you secure your device better than those Pass Codes. Honestly speaking, those Pass Codes are unreliable, because if you forget them, things are going to be really hard for you.

StyleUnlock brings something really useful to the table. At first you may wonder how useful it really is, but then it’ll strike you and you’ll go ‘Whoa’!! The thing is, this Cydia tweak doesn’t really add anything much, but removes something. StyleUnlock replaces the regular Slide to Unlock with a more cooler Gesture unlock giving you the ability to unlock your phone with gestures. So, basically, if you want to unlock your phone, rather than using the normal unlock, you can just use a gesture to get past the lock screen.

How does this make your iOS device more secure? Well, for starters, you can hide the slide to unlock slider, which will worry all your friends since that leaves no visible way to unlock. As for gesture controls, you can select up to 12 different pre-defined gestures, which I will not talk about. They’re pretty easy to remember, so there’s no chance that you’ll be stuck at the Lockscreen. Plus, if your friends don’t know how to unlock it, they’re surely going to leave it alone. StyleUnlock is available for free in Cydia and requires iOS 4 or above to function properly.

After installation, go to Settings and you’ll find StyleUnlock. There are only two settings available at the moment, first being what type of Gesture and second being the option to Hide the Slider. If you happen to experience any bugs, it’s probably because this was developed by a 13 year old developer. So guys, cut him some slack!!

Do try out this app and let us know what you think of it!

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