Steve Jobs Gets a Hip Hop Song Tribute [Video]

Steve Jobs Gets a Hip Hop Song Tribute [Video]

Steve Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple and all hell broke loose. Apple fans were disappointed, stock prices dropped and other CEO’s took a breath of relief. However, he’s not left Apple and will always, as long as he lives, will support Apple to glory. It was because of Steve Jobs that Apple has reached to the place where it’s currently at, the most valuable company in the world, richer than the government of United States.

It was obvious that soon after his resignation as CEO, a fan made tribute would be made. And it has been indeed. A new fan made tribute to Steve Jobs was made public yesterday and it is something that every Apple and non-Apple fan should watch, because most of the things on it are true. The Tribute is actually a Hip Hop song with people wearing Steve Jobs’s usual attire and rapping. The lyrics are quite awesome and to the point.

This is what the description of the fan made video says on YouTube and it has already got lots of view since it’s release earlier today;

We made this song and video as a tribute to Steve Jobs for everything he’s done to change our lives through technology. We’ve all been influenced by him in some way, so to some degree we all are Steve! Thanks to everyone who made this video possible.

Check out the fan made Tribute after the break;

I hope you enjoyed the video, you will!! I specially love the last part of the video and it would have been better if people weren’t impersonating him. However, it’s a great attempt and the lyrics are just right.

What did you think of it? 

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  • Manendra September 7, 2011, 4:32 pm

    He really deserve this :) Have to to see how Tim Cook will lead Apple.

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