STAMP: Create Subtitles for Videos in Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great presentation and slideshow creator which helps user create professional slideshows and presentations. One of the great feature of Microsoft PowerPoint is that it helps users insert multimedia content in their presentation and slideshows. This multimedia content can be further enhanced by using several add-ins which are available for Microsoft PowerPoint.

STAMP is an open source add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint which lets users create subtitles for the multimedia videos which they have added in their presentations. STAMP also allows users to add subtitles to audio files present in a slideshow and/or presentation.

STAMP provides a simple way for adding subtitles. It provides a simple and easy to navigate media player like interface with playback and navigation controls. Captions are added directly and are sorted out automatically according to defined timelines with a single click.

STAMP, after being installed adds an icon in the Insert tab of MS PowerPoint. By simply clicking “Add Captions” STAMP will launch and will query you about specifying the start and end point of the caption. Captions are then added according to their timelines and synched automatically according to the audio/video playback.


STAMP also provides an interface to edit the captions. This option can be accessed by clicking the Edit Captions option in the Captions group.


STAMP is completely free to download and use and is fully supported for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Download STAMP.

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