Space Invaders Watch: For the Highest Class of Geeks

Space Invaders Watch: For the Highest Class of Geeks

There’s a certain level that you have to reach to be known as a proper geek and one of them includes owning something really super geeky. Have a limited edition Storm Trooper suit in your closest? That makes you a proper geek, unless, you’ve got it there for some other reason. I’m pretty sure all of you must’ve played Space Invaders or still play it when you’re alone planning on world domination.

Geeks love Space Invaders, it was the first game that introduced us to those evil aliens who wanted to destroy our Spaceship. We take revenge even to this day, and if you’d like to keep a reminder of all those victories you had, then you should probably get this.

That my friends, is a super special edition Space Invaders Watch by Romain Jerome that is being made in collaboration with TAITO Corporation (TAITO). They will be producing 78 pieces of this certain Space Invader watch that contain solid stainless steel background containing an image from the Epic Space Invaders game. The watch is not just made of stainless steel, but is also designed from various Spacecraft related materials that make it as strong as the Spaceship taking down all those aliens.

Inheriting the highly distinctive case of the Moon Invader series (a round shape within a cambered 46 mm square, with a round front and an almost rectangular back), the SPACE INVADERS have also kept the same steel coalesced with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule. It is no coincidence that this case is designed like a strongbox, or even like a space vessel capable of traveling great distances, since that kind of vehicle is exactly what is needed to facilitate the SPACE INVADERS colonization of our daily lives.

There are two models of the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watch, one that glows in the dark and one that is colorful on the inside. Just imagine the amount of respect you’d have in a Geek community when you’d own one of these, come on, there are only 78 of them in the whole wide world. Visit this page here to contact them and get one specially made for you.

Are you Geek enough to own one of these?

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