SocialEyes – Connecting Facebook Friends Face-to-face

SocialEyes – Connecting Facebook Friends Face-to-face

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Are you ready to take your social networking to the next level?  Here comes the SocialEyes; now forget usernames, meet people face-to-face!

SocialEyes is  a web-based social video service to connect with Facebook friends and meet interesting people who share common interests through face-to-face communication or via video messages.  There is no need to download any software; SocialEyes works directly within your Flash enabled browser .

SocialEyes- Key Features

Video Call:  You can make video calls to your Online Facebook friends. You can also see your call log History.

Text Chat:  Text chatting with online friends.

Send a Video Message:  Update your “Who Am I” video and share your interests with your friends.  Sending a video message to your friend or post to a gruop is also possible with SocialEyes.

Share:  Paste a link or type a message and share with your friend or all friends.

SocialEyes- Advantages

  1. Easy communication with multiple people.
  2. Video chat with more than one friend at once or create video chat groups .
  3. Leave video messages for their friends if they are not online
  4. Pause conversations while  busy with something else and continue later.
  5. Office workers and collaborators will greatly benefit from SocialEyes group video chatting feature.
  6. Teacher and students can also take advantage of this real-time video conferencing for effective distance learning.

You can access SocialEyes,  co-founded by RealNetworks chairman Rob Glaser, at www.socialeyes.com and apps.facebook.com/socialeyes.

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