Sleipnizer for Safari: Gesture Based Browsing on iPad & iPhone

Gesture based controls is surely turning out to be the next big thing in smartphone OS platforms including Android and iPhone. For iPad and iPhone owners gesture control will surely become an essential ingredient because it provides a greater degree of ease of access.

Web browsing on iOS devices is all about being fast and quick saving maximum of time, so if we add gesture controls while surfing internet on Safari then it surely is an ideal thing. The extension that I am reviewing in this post is Sleipnizer for Safari and is designed solely to make web browsing for Jailbreak iDevices faster and quicker.

What Sleipnizer does?

Basically Sleipnizer allow users to tag 4 basic gestures to number of actions. You will find ample of built-in actions but when it come to gestures you will immediately notice that they are a bit less and could have been more.

sleipnizer actions

The available gestures include Down Right and left swipe, Upper right and left swipe and the actions corresponding to these gestures include things like closing a tab or opening it and refreshing or reloading a page.

What I like the most about Sleipnizer is a feature called as OpenTabBG, this particular feature reduces the number of usual steps that are required to open a tab in a separate window. Just hold the link and a corresponding link will automatically open in a new tab in the backdrop. You can simply Turn OFF this feature if you don’t like it at all.

Sleipnizer for iOS

You can install Sleipnizer for Safari from the insanelyi repo for free of cost.

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