Siri Ported to the Apple iPad, Still Doesn’t Respond

Siri Ported to the Apple iPad, Still Doesn’t Respond

Last week we shared some awesome news on the development of the Siri port for iOS devices, specially the iPhone 4. It looked great, but unfortunately, the developer Jack did not give out any videos as such or any other evidence other than some photos. He also told us that he had only being doing the tests on an iPhone 4, but did however mention that he could get Siri working on any iDevice running iOS 5. Even the iPad.

And today, Jack(@Jackoplane) went ahead and posted some pictures of Siri on iPad, by the looks of which, it seems that it indeed works on the iPad. The only catch, this happens to be a first generation jailbroken iPad, so we are not sure about the iPad 2 and neither is he. Also, there is another major problem. Apple servers don’t respond to Siri in this port too, like the earlier Siri port to iPhone 4 done by  Steven Troughton Smith with the 9to5Mac team. Check out the following screenshots of Siri on iPad.

Jack, the developer who did manage to make Siri respond, or at least that’s what he said, has failed to do so with the iPad. As you can say, this port is not perfect either and is just another work in progress. Let’s see where this leads to. We’ll update you when more progress is made, until then try these Siri alternatives.

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