Silence Calls, Launch Applications Using Prox [Android]

Silence Calls, Launch Applications Using Prox [Android]

All new mobile phones come standard with a proximity sensor, the one that scans the nearby environment and detects if any object is nearby. It helps turn off the screen during calls to help save battery and stops the touchscreen from being active. Prox, is an Android app that extends the use of the proximity sensor and the accelerometer and completes other useful tasks.


Prox, was developed for the next generation smartphone users who never want to touch any button to do anything. At the moment you cannot assign Prox to every action, but you can make it do quite a few really well. To play with this application, you need to have patience and quite a bit of common sense, because it’s really complicated to setup. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s better off you just hang on to your dear phone and pray that you find someone who can. Once you’ve configured it, Prox will turn your Android phone into something from Transformers. You can tilt your phone in 5 directions and wave your hand over it to initiate the set functions.

Prox Screenshot

Here are some of the gestures that can be done using Prox for Android;

  • Pull down and release the notification tray
  • Go back to home
  • Turn off display
  • Put the phone in silent, vibrate, ringer and other ringer modes
  • Show some text (Toast)
  • Launch applications

Also watch the following video, it’ll make the setting up of this app a little easier.

Those are the gestures that you can perform right now and more will be making their way in to the app soon. To keep your calls safe, Prox will not work and thus not meddle with screen functions. Oh and last but not the least, be sure to check if your phone has a Proximity sensor. This app will work great if the Proximity and Ambient Light sensors are different.

You want to try Prox out? The app is available in the Android Market for $1.99 and I’m pretty sure it’s worth that price.

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