ShutterVox Takes Photos When You Say ‘Cheese’

Once in a while a new app comes along that tries to do things in a different way. It’s good in a way, but sometimes people try to mix two things in to one and it all goes wrong. I don’t think this app is wrong, but it doesn’t work very well, even though it’s a great idea.

ShutterVox is an iPhone application that brings the magic of voice recognition to the camera app and takes photos when you say words like Cheese, Snap, Doodle or Popsicle. It is however not a free application, so only buy and try it if you really want to see what it’s all about. The application is basically another camera app that you’ll have to put on your Home screen, but it functions a lot different from the others.

It’s a really good idea, the only problem being it doesn’t recognize words so well. The real problem here is the lack of a setting that can adjust the mic sensitivity, because only shouting the words counts. You say Cheese like you have no life in you, the app is not going to do anything. It works best when you’re with at least 10 people and all of them say Cheese or any of the other words at the same time. Thus, this app is best for large gatherings or photoshoots during Prom or some sport event or a wedding.

When you start the application, you can head over to settings and select what word you want the app to recognize and turn on Automatic Flash if you want. Also, you’ll have to touch the Headphone logo to actually make it work, which is located on the screen. That’s all the settings there is, it’s really very simple to use, but will it be a daily app? I don’t think so. However, it is good to have it on your screen just in case you happen to be at a party and want to take a group snap.

You can download ShutterVox from the App Store for $0.99 and the Lite version for free.

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