Shazam for iPhone gets Unlimited Song Tagging

Shazam for iPhone gets Unlimited Song Tagging

Song recognition apps are a must on any smartphone as it really helps you recognize music that you like. However, if you have a limited number of times that you can track a song, then that is not cool. So, if you’ve been using the free version of Shazam, you’d know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, I’d like to help. Shazam is one among the best song recognition applications used around the world that finds and matches music by listening to it. If you’re out in a club, party or a place were music is playing and you really like the song, but don’t know the artist or the name of the song. What do you do? Well, you can turn on Shazam and it’ll tell you what song is playing, all you need is a working data connection. That’s it.

The free version of Shazam, until now, let you tag only 5 songs, you’d have to purchase the paid version called Shazam Encore to enjoy unlimited song tagging. But, now they’ve added unlimited song tagging on the free version too, which is pretty awesome. Another such app, which provides unlimited song tagging is SoundHound, which is also pretty good.

Now with unlimited tagging. Shazam for more music, more lyrics, more everything. No limits.

Shazam for Android has always been free, and now iOS users can enjoy the unlimited freedom that the updated version provides. If you’ve already updated then you should see that you have unlimited tagging enabled by default. You will, however, notice ads now, which is not a biggie. This is one of those applications that you should always have on your iPhone, as you never know when you’d be treated to awesome music and will want to know what’s playing.

You can download Shazam for free from the App Store.

If you haven’t tried Shazam yet, I bet you’re one of those who ransack their friends hard disk for new music. Grow up.

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