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Resume or CV is the most important thing when it comes to our professional lives. How one presents, advertises his/her CV plays an important part in the job one gets. With TwitRes you can now present your CV online on social network where everyone who follows you can see it.

TwitRes allows CV publishing in the exact format and style as you originally made it. Also for employers who are seeking candidates for jobs, TwitRes provides a great way to search potential employees online.

Using TwitRes is extremely easy. For job seekers, all you need to do is login to your Twitter account from TwitRes, upload your resume and tweet your resume link for everyone to see.

For employers seeking potential employees, all they need to do is tweet a sourcing request for resumes and wait for resume submission.


Uploading your resume to TwitRes is very easy as you are required to just browse the file and upload it from your PC. After that, you’ll be given a special and unique Twitter resume link for your CV which you can share with the world by typing in as a tweet.

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Once you upload your resume, you’ll be previewed on how your resume has been uploaded. Standard functions such as Zoom In and Zoom Out are available and you can also download, e-mail and share your resume with others after uploading it. Comments are also enabled on uploaded resumes.


If you’re a professional who is constantly on the hunt for new and better jobs and also love to use social networks for this purpose, then TwitRes is one Twitter app which will help you a lot in your endeavor.

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