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SBSettings for iOS 5 is Pretty Much Ready

SBSettings for iOS 5 is Pretty Much Ready

iOS 5 final version is just days away. It’s only normal that people are also expecting it to be jailbreak friendly like all the beta versions and even iOS 5 GM. Also, according to a recent tweet by i0nic, an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak is under development too. What’s the first thing you do after you jailbreak your iOS device. Many of us would install certain basic and very much required tweaks the moment we’ve had a successful jailbreak. And among them is the all time favorite SBSettings.

We love SBSettings, not only because they’re really useful, but also because it’s free and makes iOS even better. Now, you must be wondering what will happen once iOS 5 is out. Will there be SBSettings for iOS 5? The answer is Yes, there will be and we’ve also got a demo of how it’ll look on iOS 5. The developer of SBSettings made it clear that a beta version for iOS 5 is now available for testing and that it does everything that the old one did, even better.

If you remember, we had written a piece about UISettings, which was supposedly going to be the replacement for SBSettings in iOS 5, but that is no longer needed. SBSettings beta for iOS 5 brings all the features that were available in the previous version, plus adds some more. Check out this complete walkthrough video showing all the features of this amazing Cydia tweak.

If you’re running iOS 5 GM right now then you should definitely give this a try. To download SBSettings beta, add this repo in Cydia http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta. This beta version has new themes, better styling, Activator actions and everything that you’ve always liked about SBSettings.

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