Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Page Goes Live, Says Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Page Goes Live, Says Coming Soon

Last month we told you that the Samsung Galaxy S II was finally going to hit U.S stores sometime this month. And as promised, Samsung has started making launch plans already. The United States of America never got to see the face of the Galaxy S II, one of the most spectacular and powerful phones currently in production. AT&T, one of the top carriers in the US of A have made the page for Samsung Galaxy S II live, but have not started taking pre-orders.

That is however, better than not knowing when exactly it will be available at all. The Galaxy S II has to sell a lot, because as of now they’re facing lot of trouble, specially with their Galaxy Tab. If you’re in the United States and have been waiting for this device then this news should make you feel a little better. Go trouble your nearest AT&T store and find out more about the exact arrival date and price on contract.

Samsung has also released a new ad for the phone and it sounds and feels like you’re watching an Apple ad. The voice, the music and everything else about the video is so Apple. The ad is titled “the Way we are Wired”. Watch it below and get more pumped up.

Check out the Galaxy S II page over here and keep refreshing until you see a Pre-order button. For now you can sign up for updates. 

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