Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2.1 Update Via Kies

Samsung Galaxy S users, it’s time to rejoice, connect your phone to the computer and update the old battered Android 2.1 to shiny new and updated Android 2.2.1. But, there’s a catch here. According to Galaxy users in Sweden, they are able to upgrade their phones via the desktop application Samsung Kies and they say that an upgrade to Android Froyo is available for download.

That is a serious problem don’t you think, as only Sweden is enjoying the Android 2.2.1 on their Galaxy S and people everywhere else are still complaining that their phones are getting slower and giving issues. Of course, the Android 2.1 is quite buggy and old now, and a new upgrade was much needed and awaited by users all around the world.

Samsung has finally began to roll out the updates and soon everyone will be able to get their Galaxy S performing faster with the Android 2.2.1. The new update supposedly fixes some security loopholes and some lagging problems that the old OS used to cause on the Galaxy S.

For more information you could visit the Swedroid website where many users who have already upgraded to the Android 2.2.1 are saying that it has made the phone faster and better performing than before. Soon all the other Samsung Galaxy S based devices will be getting this upgrade. We’ll keep you updated on that.

[ Via PhoneArena ]

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  • chichil June 13, 2011, 12:26 pm

    Bad news! I updated to 2.2.1 in Switzerland and it’s terrible. It seems samsung added dome more bugs. For instance, it’s now impossible to delete multiple pictures in the galery. I get the delete popup and then it just hangs there. I have to force close the galery. In Keys it’s not any better: you cannot see miniatures of the pictures. So you don’t know what to delete. my advice: DONT UPDATE TO 2.2.1. It’s a shame, Samsung!

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