Samsung Galaxy S 2 Gets Official Android 2.3.4 Update

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Gets Official Android 2.3.4 Update

The Galaxy S 2, a device we are all very familiar with, is now being given a much needed update. However, those who’ve already got the update say that not many new features have been included in the build. Samsung is currently rolling out the official Android 2.3.4 firmware update to all Samsung Galaxy S 2 owners worldwide using Kies.

One of the most powerful phones in the market at the moment and it’s getting Android now? Well, if you were a developer, then you may have already updated your device with Android 2.3.5. The 2.3.4 version of Android was supposed to come with Google Talk Video chat feature, but sadly, for some reason Samsung hasn’t included this feature in this update. This phone has been sold in millions and is still being sold madly, now that even the US has got it on their mobile stores.

It seems that Samsung is currently working on bringing Android 2.3.5 to the Galaxy S 2 and hopefully they’ll include the video chat feature along with it. Since this is an official update, do not expect lots of new features or changes. As I mentioned before, there aren’t any that are prominent, it’s majorly just an upgrade in the firmware version. Users are reporting that the Homescreen has now become even more smoother, apart from unnoticeable bug fixes and speed improvements.

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S 2, then you should probably also get the Asphalt 6 game on your device, which is free for you of course. To update your firmware to Android 2.3.4, connect your phone to your computer and start the Samsung KIES update manager, you will be notified of the update. Don’t worry if you don’t happen to get the notification, because it might take a while for the update to spread all over the world.

Have you updated to Android 2.3.4 yet? Or are you already on 2.3.5?

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