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Samsung Galaxy Note Defies Industry Pundits

Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note Defies Industry Pundits

When Samsung announced its Galaxy Note last year you could be forgiven for being a bit skeptical about its impact in the market. After all, the Dell Streak failed miserably in this space with roughly the same 5 inch screen size. However, the Note having just shipped over 5 million units since last year, could teach the industry pundits a thing or two.

Samsung Galaxy note vs Dell streakThe Note sits uncomfortably between the largest smartphones and the smallest tablets. In a category of its own.  Many people commented that people will feel daft using the Note as a phone because of its large size. Something that Samsung managed to brush off with a touch of irony. They responded with an advert of an elephant using the Galaxy Note, hinting that as long as you have big ears you’d look perfectly normal talking with it.

Samsung noticed that there’s a growing number of people who simply use their smartphone for playing apps, browsing the web and most importantly note-taking. Seldom do these people use the Smartphone to actually make calls. So it didn’t really matter if the Note was awkward to hold next to your ear.

Why has the Samsung Galaxy Note succeeded where Streak failed?

It’s interesting to ‘note’ that this isn’t the first time a ~5 inch smartphone has been attempted, in fact the Note is actually 5.3 inches, a little bit larger than the Streak. So how has the Note managed to succeed where the Streak failed? There are two things at play here, firstly Android was not refined enough to make use of the larger screen, despite having a larger screen the OS still behaved like a regular 3.5 incher.

Secondly consumers were uneasy about making a leap from 3.5 inches to 5 inches back then. Recently we’ve seen screen sizes of Androids enlarging from 3.5 to 4 to 4.5. So 5.3″ wasn’t a hefty leap.

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Unique Proposition

According to Samsung, the Note can be used as a smartphone or a smart notepad. The attached stylus allows users to easily write and draw on the screen. Unlike the stylus screens of yesteryear with resistive screens that required users to press hard onto the screen. The capacitive display allows you to write by gently gliding the stylus across the screen.

The ability to put pen to paper and quickly make notes appeals to both business execs and creatives alike. For a long time the requirement of having to use a small on screen keyboard to write down ideas was seen as a bit of a hindrance because it became an obstacle which choked creativity, now it’s possible to scribble at the same racing pace as your mind.

What’s more the Super AmoLED screen is strikingly crisp and colorful, thanks to proprietary technology Samsung is able to use AmoLED exclusively. It allows unparalleled crystal clear and super bright display performance without sacrificing battery life.


Even though the Note has been adopted widely by its targeted audience. The Note still needs a little bit more work. With speculation of a new “mini” iPad around the corner, the Note would be wise to prepare for a market invasion and polish up its act. The Note was supposed to come with Android 4.0 but that hasn’t been implemented to date. The stylus feels a bit cheap and needs a little bit more improvement.

This is a guest post by Simon butler from RentalTablets. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks. check our guest posting guidelines.

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