Samsung Chaton: Useful Free Messaging App [Mobile + Web]

Samsung Chaton: Useful Free Messaging App [Mobile + Web]

We live in a world where we find it easier to text somebody and talk for hours on end than make a swift phone call to them and drop them the message. We may blame our Smart Phones for this or simply thank them for making life a lot easier. There was a time we used to write text messages and wait for hours to get a reply. It was pretty boring, monotonous and time consuming.

Chaton friendsThis was the time Internet Messengers were in rage because they gave the feel of real time conversations. Not many of us would have thought that this is exactly how the communication would be in the coming years. And not just dropping messages, also leaving short audio messages, personalized written notes, location information and even contact information. And to help us revolutionize the way we communicate, in steps the Samsung ChatOn. 

There are plenty of services out there that allow quick real time messaging with our contacts. The best feature without a doubt is that the application is available for free and requires an Internet to work rather than a telecom network. So, even over Wi-Fi you can talk to your friends when your telecom network is down. Samsung ChatOn is available on all the major Mobile Operating Systems such as iOS, Android and even Bada.

It is avaialble for absolutely free across these platforms and provides the best option for cross platform communication. Gone are the days of boring texts, you can easily personalize your messages now and add emoticons which add a lot more expression to your conversation. You do not even have to rely on MMS anymore to deliver an image to your friend. You can simply easily send across the image of your new dress or an exotic location you are at using Samsung ChatOn which is a great feature. 

Another handy feature is the ability to form groups and chat with you friends. We relied on Forwards back in the day to be able to communicate the same message to our group of friends. This was time consuming as well as money hogging. Now you can add all your friends to a personalized group and have a nice little texting conference. You can also send across your location in case you want to tell your friends where exactly you are. There is also a great feature of sending contact information to your mates on ChatOn. And all of this is super easy to use, on a UI that is really pretty on the eye and very responsive. The chat window can also be customized by changing the background giving a real personal touch to your chats. So why the wait, go grab your copy of Samsung ChatOn from your respective application store and connect with your friends the way connection was always supposed to be.

Let’s Chat On.

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