Rollip: A Wonderful Website to Apply 40 Image Filters to Your Digital Photographs

With Facebook and numerous similar sites that help us share photographs with others, people have developed the need to make their pictures look as good as they can. Mostly for this purpose numerous web apps have been created to make it easier for users to apply image filters.

Image filters are basically photo effects that give a photograph a particular touch. For instance, an image filter could make a photo look like it was taken in an older period. Similarly there are black&white image filters, daylight filters, and so on. One site that lets you easily apply 40 such filters to your digital photographs is “Rollip.”


Rollip is a free to use website that lets it users apply numerous image filters to their digital photographs. The site is extremely easy to use and does not even require you to create an account. When you visit Rollip’s homepage you can view the list of 40 effects displayed as little thumbnails.


You can click on the button located below and browse through the image effects that are applied to the original image. Alternatively you can start applying effects to your own photos using the “Click here to start” button on the site. After you do this you will be prompted to select an image filter from the list.


Click on the filter you wish to apply and then provide the site with the digital image stored on your computer. As your image uploads, its upload progress is indicated by the site.


With the upload and processing complete, the final image is displayed and made ready for you to download in the JPG image format.


The first processing take place rather quickly as it is not a high-resolution processing. If you like you can click on a link located on top to initiate a high quality processing feature. The resultant images can be downloaded to your computer or simply shared on Facebook.

In these simple steps, you can apply wonderful photo effects to your digital images.

You can visit Rollip @

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