RoboCar: Robot Technology Comes Into Action In Cars

The idea of using robot technology in cars is not an innovation as this has been happening for quite a while, and is the theme for many of the science fiction stories. However, what RoboCar MEV has is a pretty cool outlook and technology.

Only you can drive this one-seater car around, maybe good for entertainment but not daily use. This is the second of this kind and is manufactured by Japanese maker ZMP, which is the company’s second in the row, the last one happened to be out in February last year.

The car has the following dimensions measuring about 2.4 x 1.0 x 1.6m and weighs about 350 kg. This is backed up by 0.29 kW motorized wheels and has a stereo camera, an inertial measurement unit or IMU, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, laser ranger finders and speed sensors.

The maximum driving speed for this car is somewhere around 60km/h and there are two other versions of this car is available in the market. This car us worth the price of $ 83, 000 and two-trimmed down versions costing up to $35, 000 and $ 59,000 respectively.

Here is a video demo of Robo Car:

Do let us know how did you like the idea and are you planning to buy one?

2 thoughts on “RoboCar: Robot Technology Comes Into Action In Cars

  1. Saket Jajodia says:

    The day I earn that much money I will defiantly thinking to have one…

  2. Well, let me know on that day….that was a good thought…attitude with cs matters…

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