Which is the best Free iPhone 4 Case: Complete Review

Earlier we guided you on how to order a free bumper case from Apple for your iPhone 4. Upon requests from users we decided to briefly review the iPhone 4 cases that Apple is providing and help you choose from them.

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What cases can I get for free?

Apple is providing ten free cases for iPhone 4 right now. They are listed as follows:

  • Apple iPhone 4 Bumper – Black
  • Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 – Smoke
  • Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 – Clear
  • Belkin Shield Micra – Clear
  • Griffin Motif Diamonds/Smoke
  • Griffin Reveal Etch – Black/Graphite
  • Speck Fitted Case – Black Tartan
  • Speck Pixelskin HD – Black
  • Griffin Perforated Silicone – Black
  • Griffin Perforated Silicone – White

Let’s take a look at the best available options. Wherever possible, we have also included photos of our favorite cases from the above list so that you don’t have to judge just from the stock images by the manufacturers.

Apple’s Bumper

apple-bumper1 apple-bumper2 apple-bumper3

This case is prices at $29 for regular purchase. We are not particularly fond of Apple’s bumper because it does not provide any scratch protection for the iPhone’s back. All other 9 cases provide this.

Incase Snap Case Clear/Smoke

Priced at $35 this package includes a video stand as well. The clear case is glossy while the smoke case is made of matte plastic. The matte version looks pretty good on the black iPhone 4. The clear case notably attracts more scratches and keeps them visible.

Downsides include an exposed top, bottom and side buttons. No incompatibility with large headphone jacks obviously. Also, the large cutout for rear camera is welcome as it helps avoid glare while using flash.

Speck Pixelcase HD

speck-pixelcasehd1 speck-pixelcasehd2

Priced at $30 this case is made of matte material. Only the gridlines in the back is glossy. Offers very good protection with all buttons well covered.

Griffin Reveal Etch

griffin-etch1 griffin-etch2

Priced at $30 this case is made of TPU. Provides optimum protection for all buttons as they are covered with the rubber grip. The rear is more slippery than most cases here but looks pretty good.

Griffin Motif Diamonds/Smoke

griffin-motif1 griffin-motif2

Priced at $20 this is a glossy smoke-colored soft plastic case that provides protection for all the buttons. The translucent and refracting pattern on the back makes it one of the most unique cases. Offers no resistance to sliding in and out of pockets and looks great too.

Speck Fitted Case – Black Tartan


One of the very sophisticated cases by looks alone. This case is a two piece and one of the strongest ones here. The case doesn’t come off due to most drops and bumps.

Since it’s a two piece, the side grip is made of hard and toughened material. The rear fabric finish adds elegance to the case. Regular Price is $30. The volume buttons and power buttons are left bare as the hard side grip has a cutout for them.


We personally have more than one favorites viz. the Pixelskin HD, Griffin Motif and the Speck Fitted case.

We chose to leave out Griffin’s perforated case as the holes in the back causes dust and lint to accumulate with periodic use causing scuffs on the back.

Do let us know which one did you finally order for your iPhone 4?

Hands-on Images Courtesy iLounge.

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  • Tracey cross October 9, 2010, 5:42 pm

    I chose the griffin motif. Absolutely love it. Offers great protection. Plus it doesn’t hide iPhone. Best of all free cases. I bought belkin shield micra. All I did was clean it with a micrafibre cloth and it’s covers in scratches.

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