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How to Remove Facebook TimeLine Profile

Remove Facebook timeline
How to Remove Facebook TimeLine Profile

Facebook layout has been updated numerous time in the past. People who are so accustomed with old look, they always find irritating and time-consuming to get use to new profile layout. Facebook timline is the latest in the series, which was a major Facebook layout upgrade and despite of being useful change, many people still want to remove Facebook timeline and get back old Facebook layout.

Now, Facebook has set timeline profile as default and there is no direct way to disable it. But there are chrome extensions and greasemonkey scripts, which will help you to revert back to old Fb design. I’m talking about one such extension for chrome here, which will help you to remove Facebook timeline layout and get back the old Facebook design

Chrome Extension to remove Facebook timeline:

Before I share this useful Chrome extension link, you should know that this old Facebook profile view is visible to you. This plugin customizes the CSS to give a look and feel or old Facebook design. But your friends, will see only new default layout.

If you are madly in love with old layout, this chrome extension to disable FB timeline is going to be useful. This is simple install and play addon. You may need to restart the browser to see the effect. In my case, I simply opened Facebook in a new tab and I can see my old layout back. Here is a screenshot of my profile after Installing this addon:

Remove Facebook timeline

Unlike those not so good greasemonkey scripts and other addons, this chrome addon is neat and clean and you can see it exactly gives the same look as your old Facebook layout. But, as I mentioned above, the major issue here is this old look is seen by you only and your friends and people around the globe will see only Timline profile view.

There is no configuration requires for this addon and once installed (Link below), your profile view will change as shown in above image. Anyhow, this is still useful for people who are fed up of new Timeline layout. But before you remove Facebook timeline view, I would like to know do you really need to? As, now after using Fb timeline for months, I found it to be more interesting and useful from a user view.

You can download this extension from here and also let us know, are you going to revert back to old Fb look?

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