3G Plans comparison : Reliance Vs BSNL Vs DOCOMO

Currently BSNL,DOCOMO and Reliance are serving affordable 3G services in India and BSNL is offering most economical 3G plans. Here we have compared 3G plans of these 3 companies based on Price,Speed and free data usage.

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3g plans comparison

BSNL(upto 3.6Mb/s) DOCOMO (upto 3.6Mb/s) RELIANCE (upto 7.2Mb/s)
Rs.100 —- —- 100MB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.199 250MB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.275 500MB(Valid for 30 days) —- —–
Rs. 399 —- —- 500MB(Valid for 30 days)
Rs.440 1GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.500 —- 650 MB (Valid for 30 days) —-
Rs.606 1GB Day+ 5GB Night (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.649 —- —- 1GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.716 2GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.751 —- 2GB(Valid for 30 days) —-
Rs. 899 —- —- 3GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.1001 —- 5GB (Valid for 30 days)+Virtually Unlimited (After 5GB speed upto 128 kb/s and after 15GB speed upto 10 kb/s) —-
Rs.1102 10GB (Valid for 30 days) —- —-
Rs.1250 —- 10GB (Valid for 30 days)+Virtually Unlimited (After 10GB speed upto 128 kb/s and after 20GB speed upto 10 kb/s) —-
Rs.1499 Unlimited at 3.6Mb/s (Valid for 30 days) —- 10GB (Valid for 30 days)
Rs.2599 —- —- Unlimited at 7.2Mb/s
More Detail on BSNL More Detail on DOCOMO More Detail on Reliance


  • Here we have compared only 3G data plans and not voice and sms plans
  • We have included only economic plans here and exclude some expansive plans
  • Company may change tariff plans any time

Now do Let us know which 3G operator and plan is your favorite and why?

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  1. Thanks for this post . this is really helpful now i know the rates .

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