Reliance ISD (Global Calling) Plans Full Detail

With Reliance global calling cards you can make international calls at very cheap cost though this cost varies the region to region. Overall Reliance communication serves a verity of international calling tariffs to make calls in different countries at cheap rates. Below is the full detail of all Reliance global calling cards.

US/Canada Calling Tariffs

Cost(Rs) Validity(Days) Talk Value(Mins) Call Rates
125 45 113.33 Rs.4/min
225 60 203.99 Rs.4/min
575 90 521.31 Rs.4/min
575 60 521.31 Rs.3.25/min
799 30 724.39 Rs.1.99/min
1130 90 1024.48 Rs.3.25/min
1900 90 1722.57 Rs.1.99/min
2250 90 2039.89 Rs.1.75/min

Gulf Calling Plans

Cost(Rs) Validity(Days) Talk Value(Mins) Call Rates
125 45 113.33 Rs.7.20/min
225 60 203.99 Rs.7.20/min
699 60 633.73 Rs.4.99/min
1900 90 1722.57 Rs.6.99/min
1130 90 1024.48 Rs.7.20/min

South East Asia (Including Singapore and Malaysia

Cost (Rs) Validity (Days) Talk Value (Mins) Call Rates
449 60 407.60 Rs.3.50/min
575 90 521.31 Rs.4.5/min
575 60 521.31 Rs.3.25/min
1130 90 1024.48 Rs.4.5/min
1900 90 1722.57 Rs.4.5/min


  • Universal Rates for UK using any of these tariff: Land-line Rs.6.00 ( with Rs 799  Rs 2250 plan it is 2.99/min) ,Mobiles Rs.8.00
  • Universal Rates for Rest of Europe: Land-line Rs.6.00 ( with Rs 799 and Rs 2250 plan it is 4.99/min) ,Mobiles Rs.8.00
  • Universal Rates for Rest of World : Rs.9/min

Where to Buy Global Calling Cards

  • You can get these calling tariffs from any Reliance telecoms retailer.

How to use Reliance Global Calling Cards

After getting recharge card you can easily recharge and use it by following these steps;

  • Scratch the card and get the 12 digit recharge number
  • Dial *347 and when you are prompted to enter the recharge number enter it.
  • Now you ISD calling tariff is activated and you can use it by dialing *345+ international access code (00) + Country code + international number
  • Checking Global Card balance
  • You can check your card balance by dialing *348

Note: These tariffs are applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users.

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  1. I have world card but unable to contact new number5015050026 in USA even though having sufficient balance