Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby SIM Case Converts iPhone4 to Dual SIM

Rebel 2phone dual standby sim case

Did you ever wished to use both your SIMs simultaneously on your Apple iPhone 4? We all know that it would take years for Apple to launch a Dual-SIM phone, with rumors also saying that the iPhone 5 might actually have this feature. But for the time being we have a solution. Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby SIM Case is a case made by Rebel SIMCard, which enables your iPhone 4 to simultaneous use both your SIMs as well as make and receive calls.



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Rebel 2phone dual standby sim case also comes with a secondary battery of 800mAh, to provide your iPhone 4 with some extra battery life. Once you have the case installed on your iPhone 4, you have to install “Rebel 2Phone” app. The second SIM card can be used with a micro or micro to mini adapter SIM, and then you need to jailbreak your device in order to activate both the SIM cards. It will also display the battery level and signal strength of the secondary SIM card and battery.

Here is the video which shows the working of the Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby SIM Case.


You can purchase Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby SIM Case to convert iPhone 4 to dual SIM from here at price of £149.99.

Source: iSpazio

If you have used this Sim case or any similar Sim case which will help you to convert iPhone4 into Dual Sim, do let us know via comment. If you are Rebel2Phone dual SIM case user, do let us know your review and feedback.

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