Playstation 3 Move Bundle Unboxing Pictures

We finally happened to lay our hands upon the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle. Now the geeks at CAG have more than just Laptops and Smartphones to play with and talk about. PlayStation 3 Unboxing pictures after the break.

The PS3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect have been the two most sought after motion gaming technologies in 2010. After several days of comparing and researching PS3 I felt like the right thing to go for as of now.

PlayStation 3 Move Unboxing Pictures:



Box Contents:

  • PS3 320GB Console
  • One Sixaxis controller
  • Cables – USB, Video, Power
  • Move Bundle – One Motion Controller, PlayStation Eye Camera and Move Starter Disc


We purchased an extra Motion Controller to play Move Games against each other.






To much of my surprise, Sony does not ship any Optical or HDMI cables along with the unit. You can buy them separately from Sony or eBay. Luckily, we did have a pair of spare HDMI cables to hook up the unit to the LCD via the Home Theater.

Price of the Bundle:

The official MRP of the bundle is Rs. 23490 which includes the 320GB unit plus the Move Starter kit. You can get the same from Flipkart or any other local retailer for lesser prices. We got it for Rs. 21000.

Game Titles that we are playing right now:

The console is obviously of no use without some great gaming titles. The starter disc includes some demo games which will keep you occupied for an hour or two but not more than that. We weren’t sure of the Game Titles yet so we got some of the popular ones like Sports Champions (very enjoyable so far) and NFS Hot Pursuit.


Let us know what gaming console do you use and do share suggestions for Game Titles via comments. We would love to hear about your favorite games.

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  1. Great unboxing pictures! I love Sports Champion too… however, I do not have an extra motion controller. I wonder if you can play against each other, for example in the table tennis game (provided you have 2 motion controllers)?

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