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Playlistnow.fm: Listen to Music According to Your Mood

Playlistnow.fm: Listen to Music According to Your Mood

Did you ever imagine searching songs by the mood you were in? If not, then take a look at Playlistnow.fm, a free web service which allows you to listen to free online streaming music according to what your mood is or what you’re doing currently.

Playlistnow.fm is a music streaming service with an edge over the others. It not only allows you to search songs, but also allows you to find playlists created by others according to specific moods.

A bit tricky to grasp at first, Playlistnow.fm allows its users to share playlists with others and you can search playlists according to songs, users and the tags which were added to playlists. For example, if I search for “I am working on my computer”, it will show me all the songs that come under the specific category. The number right next to the playlist shows the songs that are in that specific playlist.


Using Playlistnow.fm is completely free. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and started using the service right away.


You can search for playlists; create your own playlists according to the mood you’re in so people who’re doing the same as you are may listen to the music you listen when you’re doing something. You can even alter existing playlists and add songs to them which fit the description or the scenario. It’s all very easy with Playlistnow.fm’s extremely user friendly interface.


You can follow people so that whenever they publish new playlists you can immediately listen to the songs which they listen to. You can create your own account and start adding friends and making playlists for others to follow.

The leaderboard section displays the best playlists according to how many times they’ve been listened to. The list gets updated regularly so you’ll never end up from getting bored.


Playlistnow.fm is a great way to share music with everyone else according to the mood or the activities which you’re doing. Also, its seamless integration with social networks makes it a great and fun to use service.

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If you are aware of any such music sharing websites do share with us.

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  • Karina November 6, 2010, 11:35 pm

    First, thanks for a great post! Secondly, I actually like the service, but I think it lacks some usability. Well, it’s a great concept, but not good enough to beat muziic and snoost.com. In my opinion. :-)

    But great post!

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