Play Nonstop Videos on YouTube With Leanback

YouTube is great place for watching videos but it needs your interaction to search, select and play videos. If you don’t like to search and click play button again and again then try YouTube Leanback, a service by YouTube that plays videos in a non stop mode. The video which is played inside it is based on YouTube settings and preferences, channel subscriptions and videos your friends are sharing on Facebook.

When you visit the site, videos immediately start playing. These videos are high definition and played in full screen mode. But the real function is hidden inside the keyboard shortcuts. Don’t like the videos playing in your timeline? No need to worry. Just use your keyboard arrow buttons to either switch to other video or change the category of video.


Press the down arrow key twice and it will switch to the available categories. Choose the category by pressing left and right arrow key. There are sections like Autos and vehicles, comedy, entertainment, education, music, news and politics, animals and many more.

Here’s a video describing the whole process:

This feature is currently in beta phase but it is good to see that YouTube team is doing such experiments. There are several third party applications are available to play non stop videos but this feature is based on your actual likes and dislikes of videos. It guarantees the non stop entertainment. So now lean back, relax and watch videos on YouTube.

Check out YouTube LeanBack [via YouTube Blog]

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