Play GTA San Andreas on Your PC Using Kinect

Play GTA San Andreas on Your PC Using Kinect

So you’re a big fan of the GTA game titles, killing and running over people all over San Andreas. This new hack done with the help of the Xbox 360s Kinect Motion Sensor will make you even more better at doing the same. There are many hacks that use Kinect to perform various functions on your Windows PC. There was one in which you could control your operating system with certain configured hand and body gestures. That’s how awesome Kinect is.

If you haven’t used one, you should go to one of those gaming plazas or Malls around you and check out the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360. A certain developer has managed to create custom Kinect drivers using the Kinect SDK for Windows. He has made it possible to control the car on the popular game GTA San Andreas. The hack isn’t perfect and is quite buggy, but it works quite well, which you can see later on in the videos.

You’ll need to have certain softwares and packs installed on your Windows PC to make this work and also a Kinect. Duh!! KinDriver, as it’s called, can track your hand/body movements and also recognize speech to control a game without the use of a keyboard. This driver has been specially developed for GTA San Andreas. Below are the things that you’ll require to make this work on your PC.

.NET Framework 4

Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

Microsoft Speech Platform – Software Development Kit(32-bit)

Microsoft Speech Platform – Server Runtime(32-bit)

Kinect for Windows Runtime Language Pack

Also check out the developers blog for proper instructions on how-to set up the whole thing. It may not be so easy, so don’t forget to do it properly and without a messed mind. You’ll find the links for the KinDriver at the bottom, until then check out some videos of GTA San Andreas running with Kinect.

Download KinDriver and KeyStroke Visiualizer to assign custom keystrokes for other games, if you can.

So? Anyone with a Kinect going to try this? If you do, let us know how it all worked out. 

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