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There are many social diary apps in the market but Planner S stands out of it. Here I’m sharing my review on Planner S which is one of the best social diary app for Samsung and android phone at this moment. Think social networking has done all it can do? Then you haven’t tried out Planner S, a social diary application for iOS and Android devices. What exactly is a “social diary?”

Planner S

CAG Review on Planner S :

AKAON plans to show you with this nifty little application. Planner S incorporates a full-featured calendar/scheduler, a convenient way to make quick diary entries, tons of customization, and social networking all into one pretty package. The social networking aspect is up to you—you can sign into Planner S with your Facebook and/or Twitter account; you can also email your entries. Through the app, you can also keep track of your friends and other Planner S users through this app entry feed. “Like” their entry by tapping a heart icon, or leave a nice comment. (In fact, Planner S actually directs you to leave a “nice” comment when you tap the comment icon. There are lots of similar feel good moments from this chipper little app.)

The interface is surprisingly fluid and easy to use given the laundry list of features offered by Planner S. Each menu flows intuitively to the next. When you enter the app, you’re presented with “day” view, with a list of entries (or placeholders) displayed vertically. From there, it’s simple to access the compose mode, edit earlier entries, add reminders and alarms, or check out the social network streams.

What makes Planner S unique is the ability to make bite-sized updates so personalized. Unlike regular Facebook or Twitter updates, you’re not limited to text and/or a pic alone. Entries can be customized with skins ranging from wistful to whimsical, tagged with a feeling, expanded with your own words, enhanced with an attached photo, and accessorized with virtual stickers. Skins and stickers (both paid and free collections) are accessible from within the app, in the Planner S shop. You can make each entry pop with an attractive fusion of your own personality and Planner S style. The only negative comment I have about Planner S isn’t even really negative—there’s just so much! Even with the gorgeous interface, you’ll have to spend some time exploring the app. This might also be because I expected a calendar app and found way more than I anticipated.

Social Diary app

AKAON has struck a perfect balance between user customization and maintaining a clean, appealing style that gives this own its own look and feel. Sticker packs come themed—food, emotions, romance, adorable characters, and holidays rank high on the current packs. Skins are along the same lines. Each entry, when shared or posted, is presented a bit like a sticky memo—the skin serves as stationary, while the stickers complement the user’s entry. There are several different fonts to choose from as well.

Planner S is free in the iTunes App Store and Android Market so check it out. Even if the social networking part doesn’t appeal to you, it functions exceptionally well as a traditional planner and/or diary.

Download: For Android | For iOS

Do let us know which social diary app you are using on your device. If you are already using Planner S, then do let us know your feedback and opinion about the same.

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