Participate and Win an iPod Shuffle [Contest]

Tomorrow is the Doomsday and here we are starting a contest! That’s right, a CallingAllGeeks contest, that you’ll have to participate to be eligible for winning a brand new Apple iPod Shuffle from us. The contest is pretty simple, and only requires you to play a game online, get some really high scores and you’re good to go.

Urban Thrill CallingAllGeeks Contest
The game is known as Urban Thrill and is based on the growing sport of Free running. Running through cities and rural landscapes performing acrobatics to pass buildings and obstacles. I’m pretty sure you may save seen this kind of sport somewhere on the TV, most likely in movies. Hence, the flash based game Urban Thrill is quite interesting and fun to play.

The game requires you to collect certain items that are located on buildings, alleys, roads etc within a given period of time. You can jump, run around, perform acrobatics in the air and hang from buildings. It’s not an easy game however, you’ll have to be quick to be able to collect all the items to get the most points, as points is what matters in this game. Urban Thrill is spread over 9 countries and you’ll have to complete all the places and then submit the total score along with your details.

Urban Thrill is developed by Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a leading brand in household, health and personal care and is mainly designed to create awareness of the company among graduates and those early in their business careers.

Win a Trip for 2 to any one of the 9 Countries

When you play Urban Thrill and get a really high score, you can always check the score boards to see where you’re standing,  and let us know either by commenting or by tweeting the score with #cag. The person who has the highest score will win, wait for it—- two flight tickets to any one of the 9 countries in the game, i.e. Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, UK and USA. Yes, that’s right, 2000 Euros worth of travel. Of course to win this you’ll have to submit your score in game, as this price is not given by us. Also don’t forget to check the competition tick-box when submitting your score. Read the complete terms here.

Free iPod Shuffle for CallingAllGeeks Readers

iPod Shuffle

Specially for CallingAllGeeks readers we are giving away 1 Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB. All you need to do is fulfill certain terms and you will be eligible to win the iPod Shuffle.

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This contest will end on 31st May 2011. So you have 10 days to participate and win free tickets to your favorite destination(of the 9 given countries) and of course the Apple iPod Shuffle 2Gb.

So head over to and start playing!

Update: We have selected the inner and SATISH is the winner.

Here is how we selected the winner:

Thanks for your participation  and stay tuned to CallingAllgeeks for more such giveaway in the future.

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