Palm and Nokia’s Symbian Mobile OS Close to Dead

Palm and Nokia’s Symbian Mobile OS Close to Dead

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This week saw some massive things sprouting up from leading Smartphone manufacturers. Symbian and Palm, two of the most popular Operating Systems for Smartphones are nearing their end.


HP announced their plans to kill off Palm Brand and flourish its new mobile operating system under the name ‘webOS’.

On the other hand, Nokia also made some similar announcements about limiting the use of their most popular Smartphone OS Symbian in upcoming Smartphones.

Nokia revealed that they would be slowly shifting from Symbian OS to Windows Phone 7 which seems to be a good idea since WP 7 is one of the most anticipated mobile operating system in 2011.

The life of two major mobile phone operating systems is close to end at the hand of android, iOS 4 and WP 7. RIP Palm and Symbian.

What do you think is Nokia’s decision to move on from Symbian justified? Why so?

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