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This time the dev-team simultaneously released jailbreak tools for iOS 4.3 for both Windows as well as Mac users. This tutorial will help you jailbreak iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS using Redsn0w on Windows. This jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 is untethered.

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A lot of users have asked us in the CAG help forum to help with the iTunes error “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to factory settings.” No matter how many times you restore it doesn’t help. Here’s a simple fix to get rid of this error.

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The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro is a tiny little gadget, well suited for the ladies to carry around as a fashion accessory. With it’s little slide-out keyboard it is the smallest handheld QWERTY phone in the market, I suppose. Despite being small, it packs some good hardware and beats all the others in the same segment, well almost!!

Recent leaks show that there could be a successor to the X10 Mini Pro that looks exactly similar, but pictures show that it could be running on Android 2.3 gingerbread. All the leaked pictures have come from China, as always, and they show an all black Xperia phone with the usual homescreen UI that the X10 Mini and others have.

The leaked images show that the new device is codenamed as “Mango” and states the model number as SK17i. You can go through the pictures below to see for yourself:

According to the website, the phone would be available with Android 2.3 Gingerbread at launch, that’s really good news as there aren’t any small handy phones with gingerbread OS. If the pictures and leaks are true, we might have a pretty good replacement for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro. If only they could come up with a better name than ‘Mango’ and maybe some new features.

What do you think of the Mango? Have you used the X10 Mini Pro? How was the experience?

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If you had been waiting to upgrade to iOS 4.3.1 due to the lack of a stable jailbreak solution, your wait is now over. We just informed you about Dev-team’s release of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1. This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.1 using PwnageTool on Mac.

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Finally, after being teased yesterday on Twitter, the iPhone dev team has released the much awaited and necessary untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1. All those who have been waiting to update to 4.3.1, but were stopped by the fear of having to use tethered jailbreak can now rejoice.

Yesterday, we told you that the dev team would release the Jailbreak when the topic #sundayisfunday starts trending on Twitter. We are not sure if the topic set a twitter trend, but we are pretty sure that you can now untether jailbreak your iDevice on iOS 4.3.1 using the latest PwnageTool and redsnOw packages.

The untether for the jailbreak was provided by iOn1c a.k.a Stefan Esser and his contribution has led to the development of the iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak by the dev team. The jailbreak was supposedly released at midnight so as to maintain the Sunday is Funday tradition and both the new versions of the PwnageTool and redsnOw is available for download at the iPhone Dev Blog. UltrasnOw users are requested to wait for an update before jailbreak,

WARNING — ultrasn0w users don’t update yet! We need to first release an update to ultrasn0w that fixes some incompatibilities when FW 4.3.1 is used on the older basebands supported by ultrasn0w.  And remember once we do fix ultrasn0w for 4.3.1 (we’ll announce it here and on twitter), you must only get there via a custom IPSW from PwnageTool, Sn0wbreeze or xpwn!  Don’t ever try to restore or update to a stock IPSW, or you’ll lose the unlock!

PwnageTool is for Mac only and preserves the previous baseband and redsnOw is for both Windows and Mac, but redsnOw is more easier and better preferred. The untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.1 can be performed for the following devices:

  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad1
  • AppleTV 2G (PwnageTool only for now)

Download redsnOw 0.9.6 RC9 for Windows and Mac. For PwnageTool Torrent and Unofficial Mirrors please visit the iPhone Dev Blog.


Foursquare is a famous location based social-networking website that lets you check-in to places and tell your friends and family your current location and whereabouts. It’s another alternative to Facebook Places or Google Places, but is more widely used as it’s main purpose involves location-based services unlike its counterparts.

The Foursquare app is available across almost all the mobile devices enabling users to interact more easily, update locations on the move and upload pictures of where they’ve been. If you like to take photos on the move, then it is more likely that you upload it to the internet too and use services like Flickr to save them on the cloud. If you have both Foursquare and a Flickr account, then this is the right web service for you. It’s easy to remember too, because it’s called Flicksquare and uploads your Foursquare images directly to your Flickr account.

FlickSquare helps you post your Foursquare checkin photos to your Flickr account automatically! Just follow the four steps below, checkin on Foursquare with a photo, and your photo should automatically appear on your Flickr account! And don’t worry, you can always turn FlickSquare off later.

All you have to do when you visit the website is register using your Foursquare credentials and sync your Flickr account to it. That’s it!! The next time you’re taking pictures using Foursquare it’ll get directly uploaded to Flickr, automatically. Isn’t that wonderful? No worry of losing your Foursquare photos again. If you are aware of any other tool which helps to upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr then do share with us.

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The iPhone 4 doesn’t have a 3D display, but it does have a beautiful retina display that plays videos and games really well. Imagine if the same display is used to run 3D content such as videos and games. This can be done using the Hasbro My3D Viewer that turns your iPhone/iPod Touch display into 3D. We’ve all heard of Hasbro, the toy company that started the Transformers merchandise, and now, they’ve come up with this new 3D device for iPhone so that owners can enjoy 3D.

My3D Viewer as it’s known, attaches to your iPhone/iPod Touch and simulates 3D scenes at the other end of the device, which is in the form of binoculars. All you have to do is attach your iDevice and enjoy watching some of the content that are available for purchase/download at the app store. All the apps available, there are about 5, have 3D features and work only with the device.

It also brings something known as 3D 360 to the iPhone, which when used shows you exactly where you’re looking. When you look down, it’ll show the floor and so on. But this works only with an app that is available from the App Store, known as My3D 360 Sharks. There are other apps available such as My3D Bubble Bolt, My3D Presents, My3D Sector 17, My3D Teleport L.A., My3D Tunnel Pilot, and My3D Shatterstorm.

More iPhone Accessories:

My3D viewer for iPhone will be available for purchase starting today at Target stores online. The price for this amazing accessory is only $34.99, if you enjoy 3D content, limited though it is. My3D Viewer is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch(3rd and 4th gen).

[ via PhoneArena ]


Everyone has come across moments when you’re listening to some music and your friend wants to listen to it too and end up sharing your headphones. That can be awkward sometimes and none will actually enjoy listening to the music playing. So if you’re one of those guys who don’t enjoy sharing one end of your headphones with others then here’s an iPhone app that will let you share your music with another iPhone user.

MyStream App for iPhone and iPod Touch can be used to share the music you’re listening and stream it to your friends device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app is really helpful and works on a device-to-device basis only, hence avoiding the need for sharing headphones. You can also stream audio books and listen to great stories with your friend, instead of sharing headphones. This is a must have app for music lovers, although you’re friend will need an iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to what you’re listening. If you like the song your friend is sharing, this app also provides you with a direct download link from iTunes for you to purchase the song and enjoy.

Here’s what MyStream App can do:

★ Create, set permissions and share profiles with other users in the mobile streaming network
★ Arrange and share custom MyStream playlists, all within the applications private network
★ Play songs locally using the applications custom player
★ Share active playing songs in real-time over WIFI & Bluetooth, streaming Audio with users in the network
★ View other users in network and see songs they are listening and sharing

You will also find following apps useful:

Now go on and download this tiny music streaming app for no dollars at all from the App Store. MyStream requires iOS 4.1 and above, is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th gen) and does a great job.

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At present, when you search something on Google or any other search engine you will be presented with a content that consists of texts, images and videos. For people who’re on slower broadband connections or on dial-ups will not enjoy waiting for web pages with heavy flash and other media content to load. Also, if you’re from the past, a time traveler perhaps, you won’t enjoy all that media/flash content on certain webpages. It could be just too flashy for you to digest.

This Google Chrome extension brings back to life the days when the internet consisted of pages in just HTML and no media, when things were fast being simple. The extension known as ChromeLite, speeds up your browser heavily and makes the whole browsing experience look like that of an ASCII terminal. This is a very useful extension, if for a brief period of time you’d want to increase spend and browse in the old fashioned way with lots of speed and only text.

According to the Chromium Blog:

ChromeLite dramatically simplifies the user experience of web browsing by rendering the entire web in plain text. Users won’t have to worry about various media codecs and browser plug-ins to view much of the content on the web today. Preliminary analysis by our top-notch security team also suggests that running ChromeLite reduces your susceptibility to targeted exploits on the web by removing a popular attack surface: color.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, why don’t you get this speed extension and try it out for yourself. It could get boring, but yes it is fun for a geek to see things in an anti-modern manner, rid of all those images and media. Of course, you can disable this extension by just going to Tools>Extensions, but I’m pretty sure one would enjoy using this extension now and then.

Download and install the ChromeLite extension from the Extension Library.

[ Source: Chromium Blog ]


If you are a fan to listening good quality music, you sure take pride in the fact about which songs you are listening to and sharing it with others as well. Like.fm is an online web based service which learns the taste of the users’ music habits and can help them share these trends with others.

Getting started with Like.fm is very easy. To start off, you need to sign up for the service, which hardly takes a minute. You can also login using your Facebook credentials which will assist you later in posting on the songs you’re listening to directly as your status and share it with your friends.

After sign up, you will be taken through a simple three step process which will install a browser based client, a desktop client and finally publishing on the dashboard on what music you listen to. The web browser plugin captures the type of music you listen to when you visit websites like YouTube, Grooveshark.com etc. The desktop app captures the music listened to via iTunes, Windows Media Player and other media players.


You can visit the dashboard to add people to it so that you may be able to view what others are listening to and share with them on what you are listening to. Moreover, you can also use the Discover option to discover famous people and charts around the globe. The likes of people and lists included in the Discover option are Billboard Hot 100, a famous music chart, The Hype Machine, SoundLust etc. This feature makes getting up to date about the latest trends and famous songs very easy for List.fm users.


List.fm is a really good service which helps users easily share their musical habits with others as well as following what others are listening to. List.fm is completely free for use and can be accessed from the link given below.

Checkout Like.fm