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A brand new word game has been released in the App Store today. Squabble for iPhone has been designed by the Retired Astronaut Collective. This is a two player game that can be played online or offline. The goal is to create the longest words you can with the given set of letters. As a free game, this is going to be an instant hit.

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In school and colleges math was not favorite subject of many of the students. But we need to do many calculations in our daily life and sometimes its too tacky to carry calculator everywhere specially when you have a smartphone with you. Few of the smartphones don’t provide you all solutions to your calculus problem but iDevices are way smart to provide solutions to your calculus problems quickly and easily. Here I am listing 3 calculator apps for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which you can grab for free.

Pcalc Lite Calculator:

This app is for everyone who want to solution for small or large calculations. This is an scientific calculator which gives you options like unit conversions, RPN mode and lots more. I like the neat interface of app. Worth trying out.

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Tutor.com to go:

As the name says, It’s helps you to solve lots of different calculus problems. It is useful app for job seeker and students as it provides lots of notes, homework and test prep and videos which will help you to understand and get solutions to your problems easily.

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Tutor com


This is again a simple, user-friendly calculator app which have few scientific features and can display both equation and solution simultaneously.  It have redo and undo option and also supports handwriting.

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Check out more useful apps:

For all the above iOS apps you don’t have to pay a single penny and students can use it as education app as well as businessmen can keep track of their accounts on go. If you are using any calculator app for iPhone then do share with us.


Although there are several methods to update Twitter and Facebook accounts even if you are not sitting on your computer but many of these methods have some limitations and restrictions. Moreover, most of these updating services are limited to just update the Facebook status or a tweet but the ability to schedule update is not there. So being able to schedule your Facebook and Twitter status and page will indeed be really useful. Here are some of the methods that you can use to schedule your Facebook and Twitter updates:



It is a dedicated Twitter and Facebook client having primary role of scheduling Facebook updates. Most of the free accounts do not schedule updates in a bulk but users can schedule numerous updates individually. Using HootSuite the newly created update can be scheduled by clicking on the calendar, users have to select the exact time and date when they want the update to appear. All the Facebook updates scheduled through HootSuite also feature a link to the app itself.



This particular client can schedule both the Twitter and Facebook status updates, the interface is minimalist and focus entirely on updates scheduling for both Facebook and Twitter. The main disadvantage of LaterBro is that all the status updates is limited on the number of characters domain, for Twitter it has 140 characters limit while for Facebook the limit is 420 characters. Users cannot add images to their updates but there is a URL shortener as well. All the updates can be scheduled after every fifteen minutes interval but users can also schedule certain updates on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

Read: How to schedule updated using Laterbro

Do let us know if you use any other tool which let you schedule updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.


Back in January, in iOS 4.3 beta Apple had demoed four/five finger gestures on iPad. When the iOS 4.3 final release came to us, we were disappointed to see this new feature missing. If you are on iOS 4.3.1, you can use this guide to enable multitouch gestures on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Jailbroken iOS device required.

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Ever wondered how Google.com looked like in 1998?  Check out the following wonderous image :

This is not all, you can apparently view how a website used to appear say a few years back or during the time of its origin via a web application – “WayBack Time Machine” . It’s a free tool and you can check how any website is evolved over the time.

Here are how some of the very popular websites in today’s date,see how they used to appear a few years back:

Yahoo! : [1996]


Adobe.com [1996]

WayBack Time Machine provides preview of almost all websites on the internet. As a blogger you might find it useful as you can always compare your new design with old one and more over you can see a complete evolution of your blog over the time.

If none of your blog screenshot is archived, I suggest check your blog once using this tool and let  it crawl for the first time.

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The Alienware is one of the most powerful brand of desktops and laptops in the world, out-performing any other brand with style and insane hardware. I bet, every single one of you who has ever read about the Alienware laptops and desktops would like to own one. The pricing is pretty insane too, but that’s how much you have to pay to get the best.

Alienware’s range of laptops include the M11x, the M15x and the M17x, all of them packed with the best in hardware and skin. There’s a new one now, and it’s called the M14x, a new powerhouse between the smaller M11x and the bigger M17x. For those who aren’t happy with the M11x and it’s not so powerful hardware can now opt in for the M14x.

The M14x is not a small performer, it has a very powerful line-up of hardware to take care of your gaming and multi-tasking needs while providing a good portable experience too. The official specifications for the laptop are the following:

  • Intel i3-2310M, choice of processors up to i7-2820QM
  • Choice of up to 12GB DDR3 1033 or 1600MHz RAM
  • 250-750GB of HDD storage, 256GB SSD Storage
  • Two display options,  14″ Full-HD 1920×1080 or 14″ 1366×768
  • 8 cell battery for extra backup
  • Nvidia GT555M 3GB graphics
  • LTE/ WiMax 4G Included for super fast connectivity and much more..

Dell hasn’t give any word on the pricing yet nor have they mentioned any details as to when it will be launched. Hope this alien piece of hardware won’t be as pricey as the M15x.

What do you think of the Alienware range of laptops, would you like to buy the M14x if Dell goes easy on the pricing?

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Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage utility that have loads of features and options, apparently there is no end that how useful Dropbox can be especially with the inclusion of certain addons and extensions. Although its core purpose is to keep files and data on a cloud and keep them synced to several computers but interestingly Dropbox account can also be used for other purposes like creating a website or listening to music on-the-go.

So in this post I will explain that how to create a website in an effective yet simple way by using your Dropbox account. Here is what you need to do:

DropPages add-on for Dropbox and How to use it?


DropPages is the service that enables users to create website using their Dropbox account. There are two built-in themes available on DropPages, Basic and Oceanmist. Basic is a white minimalist theme, whereas Oceanmist is a graphics rich tabbed theme having Blue color scheme. So in-order to create the website, here is what you need to do:

The best thing about DropPages is that on prior technical know-how of website making is required because the process is simple. The changes are automatically saved and those changed files are also synced with DropBox automatically. Users can also keep a backup of their entire website on their computers.


It was not surprising but a bit expected when we came to know Intel has plans to release its new Extreme Edition  processor Core i7 995X, an LGA 1366 CPU.  Though a release date has not yet been declared but there are speculations about its arrival on some day in third quarter of 2011 with a price tag of $ 999 .


This news is important in many perspectives as Intel was feeling worried  about  its kingship after the ominous news of  advent of AMD’s  Bulldozer processors. Perceiving the challenge and the looming danger Intel put forth news of its turn in the CPU war  in form of an enthusiast LGA 1366 CPU.  Besides Intel also has plan in fourth quarter of 2011 its first LGA  2011,  build on high performance Sandy Bridge-E architecture and Intel X79 Express chipset. So Core i7 995X would be last of LGA 1366 CPU.

Anyways, Core i7 995X Extreme Edition CPU will have six processing cores and will be built using 32nm Gulftown architecture,12MB of shared L3 cache memory,operating frequency 3.6GHz,reaching a maximum of 3.86Ghz with Turbo Boost enabled. Other specifications are Core i7 990X such as 6.4GT/s QPI link, AVX and SSE 4.2 instruction support and a tri-channel DDR3-1066 integrated memory controller.

Intel as considering plans of its 10 core processor launch seems to satisfy all type of users like a good king.


Astronomy lovers and enthusiasts in the past had to buy expensive equipment and telescopes to fulfill their passion, but with the inclusion of slick gadgets and softwares, exploring the universe and star gazing have become too easy and simple.

So recently I was searching for an astronomy app for my iPhone and I came across a very innovative app called as SkyView. Developed by Terminal Eleven LLC, SkyView app is basically a star gazing app that employs augmented reality so that the users can explore the universe in a virtual scenario.SkyView-app-features

SkyView App Features

So how the app works? Well it implements the layers of augmented reality and merge them with iPhone’s camera feed so that the users get a 3D interactive guide to various kind of happenings in the sky above.Once the App is launched, users will be viewing their camera and a layer of augmented reality. Although AR view is not calibrated but users can calibrate it manually from the settings tab. Since the calibration thing is all manual so you have to get a general direction from your location, swiping the entire screen in either direction will automatically adjust AR layers.


There are other additional options as well using which users can toggle visibility of objects like Sun, Planets, Moons, Stars and constellations. Users have a complete control of what they see within SkyView interface.

Users can also tweak the size of satellite and planets as per their liking and can also change time & date means that you can view that how the sky will look like in the coming days. App also has a very comprehensive user guide that will automatically start on the first launch.

Sky Path Feature of SkyView App

The feature that I liked the most is “Sky Path”, this particular feature allow users to track the path of any celestial object like Sun or Moon during a 24-hour period. Searching for any particular object will show an arrow that will point to that object on your app screen.

So I guess if you are looking for a star gazing and augmented reality app for your iPhone or iPod Touch then you should definitely grab SkyView. The SkyView app can be downloaded from Apple App store for $0.99 and for users that want to test out a limited version then there is a free version as well.



This guide explains how to update your iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.1 safely without upgrading baseband. You will also read why it is important to preserve iPhone 4 baseband if you want to unlock your iPhone 4. Ultrasn0w is yet to be updated to support unlocking on iOS 4.3.1 but the untethered jailbreak has already been released.

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