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I have a factory unlocked iPhone and most of the time when ever a new update or jailbreak comes, I prefer updating my iPhone manually. This process is easier and glitch free in comparison to automatic update. Though for manual update you need to download the firmware first on your desktop. Make sure you download the compatible firmware according to your iPhone version. Refer to this tutorial: How to find iPhone firmware and baseband.

In order to manually update iPhone with the firmware you have downloaded, open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Now under devices you will see your iPhone listen.

Hit the Shift button and click on update


Now iPhone will check the update with Apple server and within few minutes your iPhone will be updated manually. Don’t disconnect your iPhone in between the process.

Above method of iPhone manual update will work for windows. For Mac user combination key to browse firmware is Option Key + Update.

I hope you will find this tutorial handy and will help you to update your iPhone.

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The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is a really long name for a 10 inch tablet, but it’s still an icon with tablets when it comes to features and price. Acer isn’t well known in the field of tablets, and although this isn’t it’s first tablet, they haven’t made a mark yet in the fast growing field. With the launch of the Iconia Tab A500 things may turn out to be a little different as this is a really well manufactured quality product from software with decent hardware specs.

Acer announced in a Press Release yesterday, that they will launch this tablet on the 24th of April in stores and online sites worldwide. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 with Wi-Fi will be the first one to be launched, although pre-orders for this device has already begun on Best Buy. The tablet has a good hardware configuration, but what is most striking is that it will be running on the tablet optimized Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system. Another amazing feature is of course it’s price, which you’ll find at the end of this post.

Specifications of the Acer Iconia Tab A500:

  • 10.1 inch 1280×800 WXGA Capacitive Touchscreen display
  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
  • Nvidia Tegra Dual-core processor 250, 1GHz and 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 16 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD up to 32GB
  • A front facing 2 megapixel web camera and a rear facing 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash
  • Wi-Fi enabled, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, USB, G-sensor, E-compass, gyrometer and more.

The Iconia Tab isn’t a bad looker either, it is made of Aluminum and has a metallic finish that gives it an attractive appeal. See you for yourself in the picture below!!

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is currently, as I said before, is available for pre-order on Best Buy online store for an amazing price of $449 and yes you get the tablet too. The pricing is amazing, when you compare it to the Motorola Xoom or Apple iPad 2 as it also has similar hardware specifications. It will be available for pre-order on other online stores beginning April 14.

What do you think of the Acer Iconia Tab A500? Give us your opinion!

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Delete Twitter Account

There could be hundreds of reasons to delete a twitter account but before reading further first look at the 3  bullet points may it have answer to your problem and saves you from deleting your twitter account and losing all followers.

  • You can make your tweet private so nobody can see your tweets.
  • Twitter has built-in option to change username no followers no tweets will be deleted, if the only reason to delete your account  is that you are bored with your existing username you can easily change it.
  • Before deleting twitter account it is a good thing to back up all your tweets and also notify your followers if you have enough ;).

Delete Twitter Account in easy steps:

Finally you have decided to delete your twitter account it’s an easy task simple follow these steps and also Please note you cannot recover your data after deleting or deactivating account.

  1. Login to your twitter account whom you want to delete.
  2. Follow this link -> http://twitter.com/settings/account or From twitter Profile Dashboard Click on “Edit your Profile”
  3. Scroll all the way Down and Click on Link ” Deactivate my account” which is below big blue Save button or follow this link ->


  1. Click on the Okay fine Deactivate my account button.
  2. Good Bye You made twitter bird cry.

Though make sure you are not drunk while you delete twitter account. :)

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Earlier we shared the manual method to enable multitouch gestures on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by modifying a few files using your computer. Thankfully, a new tweak called MT Gestures has been released on Cydia which automates this process and lets you easily toggle multitouch gestures ON and OFF through settings.

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There are reports of fresh attacks of well known Trojan horse ZeuS on Blackberry devices. Blackberry has a special reputation of being a secure platform but recent news are defamatory. Problem becomes deepening when we come across the infecting mechanism of this malware. The Trojan once installed becomes completely invisible leaving no trail to track. ZeuS also known as Zbot is a Trojan horse that steals banking information by keystroke logging.

As South Asia director of Kaspersky Lab puts the present situation as :

“There has been a new wave of malware attack that has started affecting BlackBerry and it has originated from Poland. The aim is to extract banking passwords.”

Trend Micro,a security research firm reported a Zeus Trojan specifically targeting Blackberry devices. Virus notes the keystroke while user using Mobile banking and thus steals the personal information like passwords etc. Amit Nath, Trend Micro’s security manager in India and SAARC elucidated the virus mechanism. Zeus trojan “does not display any graphical user interface that can prompt users about the infection. Instead, it removes itself from the list of applications. The virus can view, delete and forward text messages, block calls, change the administrator on the device and block phone numbers. It allows the hacker to change the telephone number the device sends all the data to in the event that it gets shut down.”

Zeus trojan blackberry

This time Trojan specifically known as BBOS_ZITMO.B waits for to be installed,once installed it disappears,sends “App Installed OK” message to a botnet administrator then takes control over SMS function of Blackberry device. Now the device is infected and malware is ready to perform operations. These operations are commanded by  botnet administrator. The actual phone user remains completely ignorant of these commands. In case the virus is apprehended and kicked out the administrator can hand over command privileges to a new administrator number, with the Set Administrator command.

  1. Malware can carry out following commands:
  2. Hiding SMS and sending it to Administrator without any knowledge tp user.
  3. Blocking calls.
  4. switch the phone on or off remotely.

How a secure platform like Blackberry was cracked is not easy to say,although Research in Motion has nothing uttered about the present scenario but the strong chances about the potential cause of breaching the security may be installing out-of-the-box applications.

So be warned and precautious while executing transactions and other banking options through the mobile phones and do not forget to update the virus database of your antivirus.


Apple is a company with innovation in it’s blood, everything they’ve ever manufactured has either started a revolution or has been a topic of court cases. Apple reinvented the phone when they launched the first ever iPhone. I still remember watching the live keynote by Steve Jobs like it was just yesterday, him walking on the stage and talking about the new iPhone: a phone, an iPod and an internet device. Apple has come a long way since then, but their ideas are still at the top of things and they will carry on coming out with new and unbelievable products.

I read recently, that Apple Patented some ideas that will again be used in re-inventing the iPhone and other iOS devices in the near future. The ideas are really very interesting and hence I thought “what’s better than sharing them with iPhone and iOS device users”.

The patent, which was made public by Patently Apple, has been around from a while now but seem to have gotten better. As you can see from the above picture, Apple has been planning and working on the so called ‘Smart Bezels’ from quite a while now.

What exactly are these Smart Bezels and Indicators?

You know that left out space around the display of an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the thin bezel that just sits there surrounding the display? Apple’s patent suggests that they will be using that part of the device as well, to add shortcuts and user configurable touch buttons that will make things simpler and faster to access. They won’t be visible if you don’t want them to, making them look as a part of the bezel, which it actually is. The buttons will be part of a secondary display which works on the principle of electroluminescence. The secondary display or the smart bezel will also acts as indicators for alerts such as new messages, e-mail, missed calls. There’s lots more that Apple plans to use this technology and I’m pretty sure you’d want to know more.

Read the complete design ideas at Patently Apple and I’m sure you’d be more proud about owning an Apple device than you were before reading this article. We can’t however, be sure if Apple will use any of the above Smart bezels and indicators in the next iPhone or iPod. This is still only a concept and has been around 2007, when Apple first began filing these patents. It’s been a long time since then, maybe Apple is waiting for a certain time for unveiling something that would re-invent the iPhone and iPod yet again. We can only wait!

What do you think of Apple’s Smart Bezel and Indicator ideas?


We all know it’s important to take backup of all your data and when it comes to mobile phone, we should take backup twice a week at least. Talking about iPhone, When we take backup, it usually doesn’t delete the old backup or overwrite it.

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can delete old backup of your iPhone or any other iOS device. Specially if you are getting this eror while taking your iPhone backup “backup was corrupt or not compatible wiith iPhone“, deleting iPhone old backups will solve this issue.

Delete iPhone Backup from Windows iTunes

Connect your iPhone to laptop and open iTunes. Go to Edit> preference and under devices you will see list of all backup of your iPhone. From here you can delete iPhone backup.

All iPhone Backup files

delete iPhone backup


That’s it. Now before you disconnect your iPhone from your computer, take a recent backup to make sure if something goes wrong, you won’t miss out important data.


If you have tried our method to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using RedSnow and you might be stuck in the jailbreaking process, when it says Uploading RamDisk. While I was jailbreaking my unlocked iPhone 4, I was stuck twice when RedSnow screen says Uploading RamDisk and nothing happened for 45 minutes.

If you are also stuck in the same situation, here is a quick work around. When you run RedSnow, run it as administrator and go to Windows task manager and set the RedSnow affinity to Only CPU1.


That’s it and now follow our guide to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using RedSn0w and you will not face uploading ramdisk stuck issue any more.

Do let us know via forum if you still face any issue while jailbreaking your iPhone.


In a Draft posted by Mozilla release manager Christian Legnitto, he has given the information of upcoming versions of Mozilla. According the draft we are soon going to get the Firefox 6 and Firefox 7. It also illuminates the ongoing process of refreshing its release procedure in the browser developing company.

Moreover a new repository has been introduced Mozilla Aurora along with already existing Central, Beta and Release.

Different rendezvous in the channel passing through which a Browser comes before us will be focused on different but relevant issues,he states. For example Mozilla central will be focused on general development, project repository merges. Further,Mozilla aurora will be dealing with preffing off and backing out fixes/features which the central channel exposes as problematic with a wider audience and Mozilla beta will fixes newly-found issues which would prevent a final release and in extreme cases backouts / pref offs.

Mozilla release will in fact an emergency reserve in case of an enthusiastic response.

firefox 6 firefox 7

Schedule of developing and unveiling each rendezvous:

Except for Firefox 5, In general, each stage of the process will last for 6 weeks.For instance after development of six months Mozilla central will be released and work on Mozilla beta will have been started and so on.

“Firefox 5 will be slightly different from future releases due to the development overlap (or lack thereof) with Firefox 4.’’

And thus We will have Firefox 5 in the last week of June.

Firefox 6 has its initial push on 12 April and next week we can have its first build for testing. Work on Firefox 7 may start in mid May.


Creative Technology Ltd., which is know for its audio products, now enters into the tablet market, with the launch of its two new products – ZiiO 7″ and ZiiO 10″ tablets in India. The Creative ZiiO touch tablets are the world’s first apt-X(codec and lossless audio format) enabled touch screen tablets, which runs on Android OS.

Creative ZiiO tablets boast of the most seamless, fuss-free Bluetooth pairing experience with Creative’s extensive range of speakers and headphones. The company claims that the tablets have been designed to offer users with an all round multimedia experience, with the best wireless audio performance on an Android-based tablet in the market, and inbuilt Sound Blaster and X-Fi (X-Fi Crystalizer, X-Fi Expand) audio enhancement technologies.

Creative ZiiO 7 inch Tablet Specs

  • 7 inch 16.8 million color TFT, Resistive Touch Screen
  • Android 2.2 Froyo OS
  • ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD Media-Rich Applications Processor
  • 207.4mm x 133mm x 13.7mm
  • Weight: 415 g
  • 8GB / 16GB internal storage
  • microSD Slot (up to 32GB)
  • Front facing camera (VGA)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with apt-X, A2DP & AVRCP)
  • X-Fi Audio Enhancements (Crystalizer, Expand)
  • mini USB port
  • HDMI port
  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Audio support: MP3, AAC, WMA9, FLAC, OGG, MIDI, WAV
  • Video support: H.264, MPEG4, WMV9, MOV, AVI, MKV
  • Battery Life: Up to 25 hrs (audio), up to 5 hrs (video)
  • Colour: White
  • Price: Rs. 17,999/-(8GB version)


Creative ZiiO 10 inch Tablet Specs

  • 10 inch 262k color TFT, Resistive Touch Screen
  • Android 2.1 OS
  • ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD Media-Rich Applications Processor
  • 262mm x 173mm x 13.7mm
  • Weight: 650 g
  • 8GB / 16GB internal storage
  • microSD Slot (up to 32GB)
  • Front facing camera (VGA)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with apt-X, A2DP & AVRCP)
  • X-Fi Audio Enhancements (Crystalizer, Expand)
  • mini USB port
  • HDMI port
  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Audio support: MP3, AAC, WMA9, FLAC, OGG, MIDI, WAV
  • Video support: H.264, MPEG4, WMV9, MOV, AVI, MKV
  • Battery Life: Up to 25 hrs (audio), up to 5 hrs (video)
  • Colour: Black
  • Price: Rs. 21,999/-(8GB version)

The tablets come with accessories such as a Stylus, Universal Power Adapter and USB cable.