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There are various free News apps for iPad that provides multitude of user-generated and in some instances personalized contents on your iDevice, apps like Pulse and Flipboard exactly fit the above description. But if you are an iPad freak who want to use this amazing tablet device as a way of keeping up with latest tweets, news and videos then HitPad is an app that you should definitely have.

HitPad takes a totally different approach for providing news to users, it provides contents that are popular on the internet and are making headlines. The app aggregates contents from multitude of news sources and then displays these contents in a graphic-rich format.


HitPad features

Launching the app for the first time prompt users to turn ON/OFF the push notifications. HitPad basically takes a nod from Twitter offering the trendiest topics in all of the available categories. Users can also refresh the topics that HitPad shows by a pull down menu. All the available information is further divided into formats like News, Videos, Web, Tweets and Photos.


Users can also integrate their Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper accounts with HitPad under the settings tab. After you have connected your social networking accounts, you can share the links of every item you view regardless of its category. Moreover, users can also copy links to clipboard or open them in Safari browser of their iPad. The app allow users to open YouTube videos directly within the main interface.

All the news stories or web results are shown with a brief introduction, so if anyone wants to view or read the full item then they can click Read more option and a full story will open up in Safari’s pop-up.

HitPad will definitely be a popular app for iPad users in the future because it delivers news and stories in a more refreshing manner with a minimum of clutter. Moreover, users can depend on app to provide them with the popular stories instead of searching for news themselves. You can download HitPad for free from Apple app store.

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Windows 8 is finally out, and no matter if it’s being loved or hate, Windows 8 is stylish. This was however foreseen, as before, when Microsoft has ever tried to launch a new operating system many have tried to leak the beta versions and so on.  There aren’t going to be any drastic changes with the new Windows 8 operating system, but just a few minor ones that mainly include some UI tweaks, some additional software and a new browser perhaps.

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper< Image Credit >

Since the topic has gone viral, everyone wants to get their hands on any leaked builds of Windows 8, transform their Windows 7 into 8 or get the wallpaper at least. The Windows 8 wallpaper is available for download from many locations, but beware that most of them are just photoshop edited ones or are just fake. The one I’m about to share with you today is the original Windows 8 wallpaper that is available at DownloadSquad for download. Check out the Windows 8 wallpaper below.

windows 8 m3 wallpaper

According to sources, the existing build(Windows 8 milestone 3)has leaked just this wallpaper and a new TwinUI interface file named as TWINUI.DLL. These are the only two things that you can get your hands on right now, but there are people who claim they have the beta builds of Windows 8 other than those official Microsoft Connect guys. We are not sure how accurate they are, but we will keep you updated if a beta version does get leaked.

You can download the Windows 8 wallpaper from here.

What do you think of this wallpaper and the whole bunch of Windows 8 rumors ?


Squrl is a new and an innovative web and mobile app that allow users to take video sharing and watching experience to a totally new level. Just like Read it Later and Instapaper, the app is a bookmarking service but specifically designed for videos. More precisely, Squrl is a social networking based bookmarking service that can be used on a computer or on an iOS device. The app is compatible for all iOS devices including iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Squrl can be used on a computer to save videos to view them later or preferably on your iPad or iPhone so that you can view those saved videos sitting on your couch. Good thing is that both the web app and iOS app have similar features and the user-interface is also somewhat same.

How to Use Squrl for iOS App?

Signup1 Squrl

Once you are done downloading the app from Apple’s App store, you will be prompted automatically to create an account or sign-in with your Facebook account. You can also create an account directly from Squrl’s official website. If you opt for tagging your Twitter or Facebook account with the Squrl then sharing of videos you will collect will become a considerably hassle free task.

Good thing is that not only you can share single videos rather you can share your entire collection on a social network or with your Squrl followers. But on the downside, when you opt for sharing a video or a collection on your social networking accounts then you can’t control contents of Facebook or Twitter posts.

Squrl Twitter signup

On iPad or iPhone, the Squrl app is divided into three main tabs namely Discover, My Videos and Community. Under the Discover category, you can search for videos offered by various internet services like TED, YouTube, ESPN and Hulu. Clicking on any of the video service will take you to its homepage from where you can search for videos and save them.

Squrl Video services

My Videos category gives access to your own created galleries, video queue and all the recent activity. Once you done searching for a video, you have two options to go about it, either add it to Queue so that you can watch them later when you open the app again or you can either create a gallery that you can share later on with your Squrl followers.

Squrl Community

The Squrl app for iOS also has a social networking tab called as Community, you can not only share videos with your Facebook and Twitter friends rather you can share your videos on Squrl built-in social networking. You can see the latest videos that other users have “Squrled” or shared on the network.

The feature that you will definitely miss on Squrl app is the offline video viewing capability, but overall it is an amazing app that have introduced a new concept in video watching on iOS devices. Squrl for iOS can be downloaded from Apple App store.


The latest touch screen entrant that will soon hit the market from Research In Motion (RIM) is the BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza 9860. It will feature the latest version of the BBOS v6.1 and will require a BlackBerry ID instead of the BlackBerry PIN to login into the system.


The latest touch screen smart phone from RIM is expected to be launched without the Sure Press technology which featured in the first touch screen smart phones from RIM – BlackBerry Storm which wasn’t very user friendly. It seems to have done away with that technology and perhaps it will be part of a new family of BlackBerry phones, doing away with the Storm range of BlackBerry touch smartphones. The new login system on the phone actually helps with speedier backups and device restorations.

The phone will be known as the Monza on the global GSM network and will be launched as Monaco on Verizon USA mobile network.

The phone is expected to be a quick performer running the efficient BBOS 6.1 and a powerful 1.2GHz processor.

Features List

  • It has a 3.7 inch (800 x 400) TFT LCD touch screen display
  • Powerful 1.2GHz processor
  • Optical track pad, Menu, Back, call and end keys.
  • 5MP camera with Auto Focus flash and HD Video Recording at 720p
  • Dedicated keys for camera and volume rocker.
  • Accelerometer, Magnetometer and even has a Proximity Sensor
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n, 3G with HSDPA – 13.4 Mbps, HSUPA – 5.76 Mbps
  • 768MB RAM, 4GB internal memory – expandable up to 32GB with MicroSD
  • GPS with A-GPS and preloaded with Blackberry maps.
  • 1230mAh battery
  • Bluetooth v 2.1 with A2DP/ AVRCP
  • It’s 115mm thick and weighs only 130g

Launch Date and Place

BlackBerry is having its ‘World Event’ next week and we are informed that this mobile is expected to launch sometime around June 29th this year. It will probably be available on the T-Mobile and Verizon’s USA mobile network initially. RIM has been constantly losing its marketshare to its competitors and its high time they launch some new and innovative product.





You have seen the images and read the details so now tell us if you like the new BlackBerry and what are were expecting from it!

via {BGR, 4NBB]


You’ll be surprised how many people use their mobile phones to check for PNR status of trains, availability and much more. Mobile usage in India has increased significantly and thus, apps like this will be really very useful in day to day life. The App other than giving you details of available trains, departure/arrival timings and other information also lets you quickly get the seat availability and your PNR status. Indian Railway is a huge network and it is essential to keep checking your PNR status frequently to know details about your train, seat confirmation and waiting list/RAC status.

Indian Rail Info App

The app is called as Indian Rail Info App and was first launched on the Android Platform few days ago. Recently it was also added for the Apple community so as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users could use this app to check PNR status and more. On both iOS and Android platforms this app provides the following list of features:

  • PNR Status
  • Train Search
  • Seat Availability (For trains running from Major Stations)
  • Seat Availability (Between any two stations)
  • New Train Number finder
  • Arrival & Departure
  • Train Running Status
  • Seat Upgrade Status
  • Fare Enquiry

Indian Rail Info App is one of those apps that must be installed on your iPhone or your Android device, because you will be using it frequently while travelling by train. Now most of us will travel by train, because it’s cheaper than other means of transport. Having this app installed on your mobile device will save you the trouble of going to the railway station to find details on your PNR status, Train availability and other railway information. Nowadays there is always a queue at the railway station and you hardly ever get your seats reserved in time, thus this app will help you avoid congestion and help you reserve your ticket faster.

Indian Rail Info App screenshot

Indian Rail Info App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is available at the App Store for free and requires iOS 3.0 and above. Android users can download this app from the Android Market, also for free and must have Android OS 1.6 and later installed.

How do you check PNR status and railway information through your mobile device? Let us know of any other apps that you use.

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Charlie Sheen is the well known TV entertainer/actor who got most of his fame from the television show Two and a Half Men. I bet most have you have enjoyed watching the show and laughed your ass off listening to ‘Uncle Charlie’ go on about things that make little sense. Charlie Sheen recently unveiled his very own designed iPhone App whose purpose I clearly don’t seem to understand. He has named it as ‘The MaSheen’ and it will literally put Mr. Charlie Sheen’s mind in your pocket. Isn’t that what a Charlie Sheen fan always wants? To think like him, probably not be like him, but the fans will understand better. I’m a big fan too, so I will play around with this app and try to think like him.

The MaSheen

The MaSheen app doesn’t do much, other than play some of his videos where he talks about various topics. The app also has a fortune teller, wherein you’ll have to ask a question and then shake your iDevice to receive the reply shown on the mouth of the Tiger. Charlie Sheen say’s that he’s got tiger blood, and this app in a way lets you share some of his tiger blood with you. This isn’t a really useful app for non-fans, but for everyone else it will be quite interesting as it has lots to do with his mind. The App also features sections like the Mind Torpedo, The Magik Tiger and  The Fastballs of Truth all of which give you more insights into his brain. The Mind Torpedo actually shows up quotations by Mr. Sheen with the Tiger in the background, such as ‘I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, a different heart. I’ve got Tiger blood man.’

The MaSheen Screenshot

The app isn’t free though, actually it’s quite expensive for such an app. The MaSheen app will cost you $2.99 and already there are complaints flooding that the app is overpriced, however the sales are increasing and Mr. Sheen is making money. Two and a half men went into hiatus after Charlie Sheen went to rehab for drug addiction, he is recovering now and has found selling apps as an alternative to making money.

You can download the MaSheen App from the App Store for $ 2.99 and is currently compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running on iOS 4.2 and above. An Android version is also in the making, and Mr. Sheen may keep updating some aspects of this app as time passes by.

Fans will definitely buy this app, but will you?


Lenovo seems to be getting ready to launch a new Tablet based on the Android 3.0 – Honeycomb OS. ThisIsMyNext reports with images of the device which as you can see here weren’t officially sent by Lenovo! ThinkPad looks like a full fledged Honeycomb tablet which comes with an optional pen and an accompanying keyboard portfolio case.



Feature List

  • 10.1-inch 1200 x 800 IPS Touchscreen display
  • Stylus “true pen”(Optional Add-On)
  • Dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor
  • 3G & 4G options
  • Bluetooth, USB 2.0 + micro USB
  • Front and Rear cameras
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB storage capacities
  • SD card slot (full sized)
  • USB-2.0, Micro USB, mini-HDMI and full-sized SD Card Slot
  • Expanded video codec support
  • .55 Inch Tablet
  • Support for Symantec, Cisco enterprise software
  • Weight 715g

It is Lenovo’s second tablet after LePad  and the ThinkPad looks like it even features a real “TouchPad”. From the list of features we can understand that Lenovo is emphasizing on the business features and security software accompanying this tablet. It will have its own customized Android Skin which Lenovo calls – Lenovo Family UI.



Lenovo ThinkPad is expected to retail at $499.

You can check out the rest of the images from “Lenovo’s internal product presentation slide” and see for yourself the effort Lenovo is putting into bringing out a powerful, feature packed tablet into the market.















The tablets market is heating up and this year will definitely see the battle of the tablets.

via [ThisIsMyNext]


Android is enjoying its hike in the market, and giving a tough competition to iOS. It’s gaining popularity  just because of its supporting features and quality apps.  Android app store is an open market for downloading millions of apps. Today I am sharing one of the most useful and helpful app for Android Phone users. The name of the app is, Total Agenda

Total Agenda

Recently a new app is added to its list known as Total Agenda, as the name says that it is for managing time and task. If you spend much of your time arranging tasks, works and planning then this it is worth downloading app for you. It will keep you organized by managing your list of to-do tasks. You can check your agenda for a day or following days, reminder, alarms. It is available for free to download and its paid version with widgets is yet to be launched.  It is really simple to use, you  just need to open a tap and edit your task and you can also edit them anytime you want.

Total Agenda Android App

Total Agenda Android App

It will help you in time-management like daily dose and alerts any time when you want. It is useful and fruitful in managing your everyday activities. You can easily integrate this app with Google task, calendar, and it offers easy to use interface.

Features of Total Agenda App

Easily view and edit your Google tasks and calendar events on one touch list.

  • Add Google tasks and events with just 2 taps!
  • Check your agenda for today and coming days at a glance!!
  • Plan your day with minimum effort

You can download this app from Android Market.


NTFS Partitions are not exactly the most stable drive formats but sometimes we still have to use them to make sure they are compatible with other operating systems and allow storing files larger than 4GB. One frequent problem that Mac users face when using external NTFS drives – Unable to Empty trash. You will see files and folders with size zero KB that won’t delete. Here’s a fix.

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When performing iPhone unlocks or when jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad it is always best to get the latest iOS firmware. Now, we would always recommend you to download the iOS firmwares from Apple’s official site, but in case you’re in a hurry and aren’t in a mood to search for the required firmware here is an alternative.

iOS firmwares are available for download in .ipsw format and are available from many sources, for your own security it is always advisable to use Apple’s website. ipswDownloader, developed by Vitaly Parovishnik, is a new application for Mac that does the job of searching legit IPSW firmwares for the respective iOS device.

ipswDownloader< Image Credit >

So, the next time you plan on unlocking or jailbreaking your iOS device you’ll know what to use to get your hands on the latest IPSW firmares. It can get quite messy if you’re not used to unlocking or jailbreaking, but ipswDownloader will save you all the trouble and handle the part of getting you the right firmware that you need.

ipswDownloader has a simple motive and it does that very well, along with some extra goodies. For example if you are looking for iOS 4.3 for your iPhone 4, the app will also tell you if your current baseband and firmware can be unlocked/jailbroken and also directs you to the softwares required to do so. Other than that it will also display the size of your download and download speeds.

As told before, this app is currently only available for Mac OS X, hopefully a Windows version will be out soon. If you’re wondering about the originality of these IPSW files then don’t, because these are directly downloaded via Apple’s servers. The app will not cost you anything at all and can be downloaded from here.

What do you think of this simple little app? Where do you normally download IPSW firmware files from?

[ via RedmondPie ]

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