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Recently at a Mobile Connections Conference, Mr. Jay Freeman, famously known as Saurik, the man who gave us Cydia and the world of free apps and iOS customization, spoke about Jailbreaking iPhone, iTouch and iPad and why it’s useful.


Jailbreaking is the art of cracking your iOS device and giving it access to the App Store alternative Cydia and a huge collection of apps, themes, wallpapers and much more. It’s not done by most people, and if you believe it or not, only 8.5% of iOS owners go ahead and actually get their iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad jailbroken. For geeks like us, it is of great importance, because a gadget to us is more than what it is to normal people. The first thing that I did when I received my iPhone 4, well the first thing was unbox it, and then connect it to the PC and jailbroke it.

Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad according to some people will stop you from using the App Store for downloads….that is not true. I use the App Store every now and then, I update my apps using the App Store, and so on. Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik also explains in the video below why Jailbreaking is important and useful according to him. The video is very informative and you can also see how the creator of Cydia has customized his iPhone 4.

You may have incurred from the video about all the cool and useful things that can be done once  you jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Saurik recommends the best tool for jailbreaking is RedSnow!

Some people also believe that once you jailbreak iPhone or other iOS devices, it effects the warranty and violates the agreement with Apple. That again is not true, because once you buy an iPhone, it is your decision what you do with it. Also, do read Apple’s agreements carefully, because if you don’t you might just end up in some strange Apple experiment.

Have you jailbroken your iOS device? Tell us what you like the most about a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

[ via iDB ]


There are multitude of file sharing websites that allow users to send files to anyone without going through the hassle of creating an account. Moreover, in the world of web apps, internet users prefer file sharing services in which you can be over with the entire process in just few clicks.

So keeping these things in mind, here is a list of 3 useful web-based file sharing programs that don’t require any kind of registration, compatible with almost all the popular internet browsers and most importantly free of cost:


PipeBytes - Free and easy file transfers.

Pipebytes is a service that directly connects with the computer of a person who requires a given file. All you have to do is choose the file that you want to send and give URL corresponding to that file. Pipebytes is a useful service that is very easy to use in all aspects, you can access the service from their official website.


senduit   Share easily.

This file sharing website has a 100MB limit but apart from this limit it has various other advantages. Just like you see in spy films, you can set the files you have shared to self- destruct after specific amount of time. This particular feature is great if you are conscious about keeping your files for an extended time on the internet. Senduit is indeed a very easy-to-use web file sharing service that is free of cost.


JetBytes   free file exchange service

This particular file sharing client connects your computer directly with another computer at the remote end. Jetbytes has a user friendly interface having a more detailed option set included. Moreover, all the links generated by Jetbytes file sharing service are only for single-use means that you cannot send the generated URLs to more than one computer.


Google is the world’s best search engine and It has been reigning as the top search engine for just about any search term or types of searches irrespective of how well its competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com and many others might be doing. It hasn’t been dethroned by its competitors yet and it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

6 Google Search Alternatives

We have compiled a list of top six Google search alternatives which are catching up as useful resources for specific searches and will help you find exactly that you are looking for. They even provide better and more accurate search results compared to Google and will most certainly help you find what you need.


I’m sure many of you might not have considered Twitter as a search engine. Well let me tell you, its an excellent search engine and is the best way to find out what people are saying right now. Head over to Twitter and start searching for the latest tweets and the information you are looking for might be circulating in the some of the status updates of millions of Twitter users.



If you are unemployed and looking for work immediately then you need to head over to the Indeed. Indeed is an excellent search engine and unlike Google which is filled with spammy websites when you are seriously searching for work online Indeed will give you accurate results related to you query.

You will be surprised with the amount of jobs available when you are looking for it. Visit Indeed.co.in for India specific search results while US based viewers can still use Indeed.com which serves as a base for job queries from across the globe.



Blekko is the latest search engine to hit the search market and it searches the web using slashtags. Slashtags only search the sites you want and cut out the rest of the spam. Learn more on how to use slashtags to find whatever you are looking for!


Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go does a few things which Google doesn’t do. It bans all the spammy websites full of advertisements and most importantly it doesn’t track your web search history when you are using its search engine. Google on the other hand tracks every single word you type and search and every single click you make. The search results it produces are quite good and helpful.

Duck Duck Go Search Engine


Yippy is not just an alternative to Google search but a ‘meta search engine’, meaning it will get the search results for your keywords from several search services. It will not track you similar to Duck Duck Go. Your web search history will remain private.

Yippy Search Engine


Qwiki is a web Startup and brings a whole new approach to searching on the web. Qwiki differs from other search engines in that it displays the search results in a neat multimedia presentation unlike multiple links to webpages.

Qwiki Search Engine

Do you use any alternative search engine to Google search? Which in your opinion the best search engine and why? If you have come across any search engine similar to the 6 listed here give us a tip.

Write to us and let us know and we’ll feature it in a post.


Blogging seems incomplete if we do not install an easy tool to check and analyze traffic. A traffic stats checker helps us to find the website position and ranking in search engines and we can track our website visitors and their source of entrance. If we find sudden decrease in traffic then we can take a quick action to fix possible problems regarding sudden traffic drop. Here we are telling you about 3 best website visitors tracking tools.


1.Google Analytics


Undoubtedly and without any controversy Google Analytics is the best and most amazing tool to track everything related to your website visitors. We should be thankful to Google as it is providing the best traffic checker service without any cost because most of other good website stats checker tools are not fully free and have limitations for free accounts. But Google analytics has no limit for free user and everything is free here. With Google Analytics you can analyze visitors deeply. You can check traffic based on time,traffic source,geography,keywords and more. You can exclude your own visits to refine your traffic report.




Sitemeter is the second most popular and effective website traffic checker tool. It provides comprehensive report regarding website visitors. It is easy to access Sitemeter in comparison with Google Analytics. You can also make your traffic report public and thus anyone can check your website traffic. It is useful in attracting advertisers if you are getting high volume of visitors. You can check traffic according to traffic source,search words,geo locations such as continents and countries. You can exclude your own IP to make your traffic report more accurate.




Histats is much identical to Sitemeter in functionality but totally different in user interface and its user interface is a little bit confusing. The main attraction of Histats is that it shows search traffic based on search phrases thus it is easy to find your website popular keywords. This function is similar to Google Analytics. Histats covers all features those Sitemeter have such as IP exclusion,traffic source tracking,visitors map,browser tracking etc.


These are our recommended website traffic analyzer tools and now do let us know about your favorite traffic checker tool.


BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 has finally entered the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The final release of the latest update to the popular Instant Messaging client on BlackBerries isn’t ready yet but you can access the BBM through Research In Motion (RIM). RIM has now added BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 into it’s BlackBerry Beta Zone. The most recent build of the BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 is RIM made an official presentation of the new BBM 6.0 at the Mobile World Congress.

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0

BBM 6.0 will incorporate many changes to the IM app’s UI. The new version will be designed to match the look-and-feel of RIM latest BlackBerry OS 6.0. It is said to aid users with visual cues to help users identify different types of messages at a glance while they are performing other tasks. RIM has made no official statements on making the app faster but it has said that it built to feel less laggy during user interaction over its predecessor.

New features will include searching for locations which you can include in your messages. BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 will allow you to share your location via GPS coordinates with groups by inserting your location coordinates into the messages and also send requests for meetings. These features and more will be derived from RIM’s SMS implementation. It also will include support for interaction with other users in media players, in-game messaging etc.

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Talks

You will be able to send much larger files that earlier (hopefully audio-video and images) over BBM and from within the app, send chat invites to users and chat with them with the new BBM.

You can get the beta version of the BBM 6.0 but you need to be a Beta Zone member. Go to BlackBerry Beta Zone and sign up for free and start testing the newest and coolest BBM 6.0. BBM 6.0 is expected to arrive with BBOS 6.1 or higher sometime later this year.

P.S. BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 will support any BlackBerry running BBOS 6.0.

Here’s a BBM 6.0 presentation video from bbnews.pl

Note: If you are installing the beta version be sure to remove the older version (BBM 5.0) before proceeding. Please backup your phone and remember this beta version of the new BBM 6.0 will support only BBOS 6.0.

via [BlackBerry]


Earlier today we told you about Google starting the over the air updates of Android 2.3.4, the latest in the Android OS for mobile phones. Currently this upgrade will only be available for the Google Nexus S and the Nexus One, but you’ll have to wait for the update notification to actually update. To avoid jealousy issues when you see your friends Nexus S being able to video call on Google Talk, I will be telling you how to manually update your Nexus S to Android 2.3.4.

Nexus S

Below are the steps you’ll have to follow so that you can get your Nexus S running some sweet and baked Gingerbread 2.3.4. Sorry, Nexus One folks, you’ll have to wait for the OTA update or for the XDA developers to come out with some technique.  Again, this has to be done manually, so don’t expect your phone to magically start running Android 2.3.4 once you download the update:

  • First of all, you’ll need to download the update file from Google. Click here to download Android 2.3.4 update.
  • The download is in .zip format, but doesn’t require you to unzip. Just leave it the way it is.
  • Now place the downloaded zip file in the root of your internal storage or SD card. You know, just connect your phone and it should normally show the internal storage/SD card in My Computer. Copy, paste and disconnect your Nexus S.
  • Switch off your phone. Now this is important, while you switch it back on, hold the Volume Up key to go into the bootloader menu. Volume Up+Power.
  • Once in the Bootloader menu, use the volume keys to point to Recovery and use the Power button to select.
  • You should see a sign like this on your screen /!\ now. Keep pressing the Volume Up key while holding the power button to get a screen which will show you the file that you saved in root of your memory card.
  • Select the “apply update from /sdcard”, and select the required update file, Press Power button and voila!! Wait for your update to be installed and then select ‘reboot system now’ and the Nexus S should boot into Android 2.3.4.

That is all!! And you’re welcome.You can now show all your friends how cool the new Google Talk is and start video calling everyone on your contacts list(those who own a Nexus S).

[ Via Android Central ]


Normally we have loads of multimedia contents lying on our PCs that include photos, music, movies, TV shows and podcast. Owing to this large collection of contents, we face problems in accessing and organizing our entire multimedia collection in an effective manner. Softwares like iTunes and Real Player although provide good set of controls for managing multimedia contents but if you are looking for a software that can make your multimedia contents extremely accessible to any of your device then QVIVO is the tool that you should resort to because this software has a lot to offer.

QVIVO Features

QVIVO Social Media Center

So what is QVIVO? It is basically an application that works simply to streamline your entire media collection so that it can be easily accessible from any of your portable device. The application is designed to act as a hub for your entire TV, movies, photos and music collection. Moreover it also organizes your entire multimedia collection into libraries and it plays various kinds of formats and file types, plus the application also has a slight social touch to it in the form of Facebook sharing.

QVIVO automatically builds up your library with features like trailers, cover arts, actors and any other information tagged with the files on your computer. Moreover, it plays all the files for you regardless of their resolution or format.

Using its social networking features, you can post reviews, your ratings and photo albums to Facebook. QVIVO also features a live messaging service for Facebook which means that using this software you can chat with your friends while seeing your favorite show as well.

Coolest feature of QVIVO is that this utility works almost everywhere without a glitch, apps for iPad, Android and TVs are also in the pipeline.

QVIVO Download and Sign-up

Sign Up to Access the QVIVO

In order to start downloading and using QVIVO, you first have to sign-up on their official webpage filling in some particulars including username, password and email address. After this you will be prompted to link your Facebook page with QVIVO but if you don’t want to do that then you can skip this step. Continuing on with the process will show you download links for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Right now QVIVO is available in beta version but the developers will be releasing iPad, iPhone and Android apps very soon.


We told you earlier that Google is rolling out Android 2.3.4 for Nexus S and Nexus One over the air. It was also mentioned that there will be a surprise on the new build of Gingerbread, but we weren’t sure what it was. We are still not sure if this is what Google was talking about, but this is a very big news for all Android fans.

Google Talk Video Calling

Google’s new Android 2.3.4 update will be adding the much rumored video calling feature to Google Talk for Android. This update is currently only available for the Google Nexus S, so don’t bother checking it out on other Android phones. Google Nexus S, which has started receiving the OTA update for Android 2.3.4, is the first phone to get both voice and video calling on Google Talk.

According to the Google Mobile Blog;

You can now video or voice chat with your friends, family and colleagues right from your Android phone, whether they’re on their compatible Android tablet or phone, or using Gmail with Google Talk on their computer. You can make calls over a 3G or 4G data network (if your carrier supports it) or over Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can now use the voice and video calling feature on your Android phones(Google Nexus S) via Google Talk to call your family/girlfriends/friends or your master once you gift them a Google Nexus S. It’s pretty simple to use too, as now you’ll get a new Voice or Video Call button next to your contact on the Google Talk application.

Google Talk Contacts

Although this is currently only available on the Google Nexus S and Android 2.3.4, Google promises that it’ll soon be available on all Android 2.3.3 devices as well. When using Google Talk for Video calling, you can also pause and view other items over the video call while still listening to the audio. Watch the demo video of Google Talk Video Call in action after the break.

What do you think of this new feature of Google Talk? It certainly is more useful than Apple’s FaceTime, don’t you think?


I’m a huge fan of Grooveshark as I can keep my songs playlist online and also it helps me to keep track of popular songs. If you are not aware of GrooveShark, you should read: GrooveShark: Find Favorite songs and stream online.

GrooveDown is a useful software for GrooveShark users to download music from GrooveShark account. This software is very easy to use, all you need to do is search for your favorite music and you can download it. You can also keep a track of popular music and download them with one click. Here is a screenshot of Grooveshark music downloader software:

GrooveShark-music-downloader Though one feature which I missed in this software is ability to login from your Grooveshark account and download all your playlist songs. Probably this is one of those feature which we will be looking forward to get in the future.

Download this software

Do let us know if you use any other software to download music from Grooveshark?


Twitter is the most famous micro-blogging platform and I don’t think that there is any need for me to introduce you to Twitter. The backgrounds of your Twitter profile have made a great importance of itself in the passage of time. Now, everybody wants a flashy and an awesome twitter background.

Few people are too smart that they can create their own backgrounds using an image editing software like Photoshop. But for few people, who are unable to use photoshop can easily use the online sites to create twitter backgrounds. There are a lot of sites which offers such features.

In this post, I will tell you about one of them. Themeleon is a twitter profile design tool by COLOURLovers. I used some background design tools and finally selected this tool to share with you people. This site is totally free and it provides flexibility while designing the background is amazing.

Check out few more interesting Twitter tools:

So, now let me give you the little tutorial on how you can design your own twitter background using Themeleon.

1. Open Themeleon. LINK.

2. Scroll down a bit and click on “Login to Twitter”. If already logged in, you will see this box :-

3. Now, you will get a page where you can easily customize your twitter background.

4. Customize Twitter profile background as you want. Click Save Profile button to save your background.

Thats it… the best part, in my opinion is that you get the preview of your profile just under the customizer which makes it easy for you to know that how will your profile look when you will use that background.

So, what do you think about it? Would you try it? Do comment.